Become a House Cleaner

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Become a House Cleaner

Become a House Cleaner | Stay at Home Mum

Is your home always spotless and tidy?  Are you organised, on time and love to clean?  Then perhaps you should become a house cleaner!  With more and more families working huge amounts of hours, the need for someone help them with the housework has grown incredibly over the last few years.  This sort of job would be ideal for a reasonably fit person with kids at school.  House Cleaners need to be very discreet and trustworthy, after all, you are walking into someone’s private domain and the people employing you won’t want to hear around town the colour of their undies or how much jewellery you own.

What Does the Job Entail?

House Cleaners typically will come into the domestic home and vacuum, clean bathrooms and toilets, mob, cobweb and generally tidy the home.  House Cleaners are paid by the hour so you would need to assess how quickly you could get the job done within the required time.  You also need to decide if you will be supplying the cleaning products and equipment and your hourly rate will reflect that. If you are bringing your own, make sure that it is in good working order, nothing worse than starting a job and your equipment fails or you forgot to bring extra dust bags.

How Much Do House Cleaners Earn?

Well it really depends on where you are.  Ask around your friends for the going rates – but it appears to be anywhere from $20/hour up to $50/hour for a domestic house cleaner.  Some house cleaners have minimum time limits too such as four hours minimum.

Legal Requirements

Most house cleaners just work for friends and family and receive cash in the hand.  However if you want to make a career out of it, you will be required to have an ABN number and provide an invoice to your employers.

If you are working more in a commercial situation (such as cleaning schools etc) you may be required to have a Blue Card. There are also Franchises available, you would have to check out what is needed in your area.,

How Do I Get My Name Out There?

Try advertising in your local paper, on community noticeboards and in school newsletters.  Social media is good way to get out there that you are looking, and people share with others that you would not have otherwise known. Most house cleaners are found via word of mouth.

House Cleaners can earn a great income whilst working around their children.  No formal qualifications are needed, but it is hard work.


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