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Sometimes in life there’s a need to make a change. But it can be hard to figure out what you want to do.

We’re more likely to have career changes now than we ever have been in the past, and while there are a lot of opportunities it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So, if you’re thinking about a career change, here are some ideas for your new direction.


An Accountant

Young accountant with papers analyzing data by workplace

It might not sound like the most glamorous new career but if you’ve got a head for numbers then it’s pretty much guaranteed to be one where you’ll always find work. Accountants, or just bookkeepers, are a necessary part of the business world, making it easy for you to find a spot that suits.

Accounting Course 

A Weight Loss Consultant

Medical doctor woman with scales. Diet and weight loss concept.

Weight loss is a major worry for our society at the moment as rates of obesity, in both adults and children, continue to rise. Make a difference and a pay check by becoming a certified weight loss consultant. You can help people to take control of their lives, and create a career for yourself that is flexible and rewarding.

Weight Loss Consulting Course 

A Photographer


If you’re always had an eye for good photography then you may have what it takes to stand above the others as a photographer. While there are more photographers out there than ever before, there are also more opportunities. Learn all the basics, and then head out to develop your own style and career.

Photograhy Course


A Writer

Young Business Woman Hand With Pencil Writing On Notebook. Woman

Many people don’t believe that they have what it takes to be a writer, and this is often the result of poor performance in high school. But the truth is being a writer is more then writing essays (in fact there’s very little of that). You can certify to become a blogger, a business writer, a grant writer, a travel writer, and online writer and more!

Writing Course 

A Carer

Elderly Care

Being a carer, whether it is for disabled people or for the elderly, can be a very rewarding career. While it certainly doesn’t suit everyone, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys and thrives in an environment where you look after others it could be the perfect career change for you.

Certification in Aged Care Online 

Certification in Disability 

An Event Planner

Calendar Events Plan notebook Planner Organization Organize

We live in an age of celebration where more people have more money to spend on more things. Now people don’t just organise their own parties, they have someone else do it, and that’s where an event planner comes in. From corporate events to weddings, good event planners are in demand and very much enjoying themselves.

Event Planning Course 

An English As A Second Language Teacher

If you’ve always wanted to teach others, but you never quite got around to getting to university and doing the entire teacher training, there are still options. Teaching English as a second language is an interesting and rewarding career that allows you to have a real impact on the lives of a variety of individuals. Plus it’s a skill you can take all over the world!

TEFL Master Course 

A Life Coach

Life coaching remains an under-supplied area in Australia, but that’s something you could help to remedy. A life coach helps people to attain their goals in life, helping with both professional and personal empowerment. They have a strong understanding of human psychology, and are thriving ‘people persons’. Sound like you? Then get started!

Diploma of Life Coaching 

A Business Owner

Young female business owner in a clothes shop, portrait

For those that have a great idea for something new that isn’t so much a career as an entire business, there’s another option: business training. Getting an education on everything you need to effectively create, run and manage a small business is worthwhile if you have a great idea, and you might just end up with an amazing business and lifestyle.

Comprehensive Business Course 

So, what career change are you making today?

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