48 Free Online Courses You Can Take Right Now!

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48 Free Online Courses You Can Take Right Now!

Free Online Special and Technical Skills

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1. Basic 3D Animation using Blender

Using this free course and the free and open source program, Blender, you can develop skill sets for 3D animation. You will learn about 3D visualisation concepts, applying the concept of motion and timing, and more animation principles.

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2. Cartography

Learn how to make maps from the world’s leading mapping software company, Esri. This course will teach you how to map in 2D and 3D!

3. Fundamentals of GIS

Don’t you know that GIS specialist is one of the highest paying jobs in the US? This course is part of an ArCGIS specialization but it’s difinitely the start of your career and education!

4. The 3D Printing Revolution

Learn how 3D printing works, show what people make them and examine the 3D printing ecosystem! This class will take approximately 12 hours to complete and at the end of the session you’ll realize how this technology will revolutionize the world and come up with innovative ideas for your own business

5. Manufacturing Process with Autodesk 360

Just like the 3D Printing Revolution, this course is for people who want to enter the manufacturing world and wants to learn how to design a product. This course will take approximately 9 hours to complete and the end of the module you will learn how to design using Autodesk Fusion 360.

6. Explore Animation

A team of award-winning animators will take you through the process of stop motion or stop frame animation, 2D or cel animation, big-scale animation, and CGI or 3D animation. No prior animating skills required!

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7. Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Learn one of the most sought out skills in the freelancing world! This introductory course from California Arts in a Graphic Design Specialization will teach you the fundamental concepts of graphic design from image making, typography, shape and colour, and composition. This course will take approximately 8 hours to complete.

8. Guitars for Beginners

Do you want to learn how to play the guitar? If so, then you’ve stumbled into the right place! This course will teach you how to read notes, what type of guitar to use, the fundamental skills and finger placement.

9. Introduction to Actuarial Science

Actuary is a career path that pays well and offers many opportunities. This course will help you use mathematical and statistical concepts in assessing risks, investigating financial conditions, and choosing the appropriate strategies.

10. Introduction to Linux

Linux powers most of the servers powering the Internet, financial trades, and billions of devices. This course will help you explore various tools and techniques used by Linux system administrators and is designed for beginners.

11. iOS App Development for Beginners

This 5-hour course aims to teach the learner how to create a basic iPhone app and be familiar with developing using Xcode. The student will also learn how to make these apps great-looking in terms of design and user-friendly in navigation.

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12. How to Use Git and GitHub

Learn how to use a version control that is an important skill in every developer. This course is part of Full Stack Developer Nano Degree Program which can take up to 3 weeks to finish

13. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

Bitcoin is new as a cryptocurrency technology but companies are investing to this right now! Learn what’s really special in Bitcoin and how it works. This course will take approximately 14 hours to complete

14. The Arduino Platform and C-Programming

Do you want to take your electronics passion to the next level? If so, then this course is for you! Learn how to use Arduino in an Integrated Design Environment and C-Programming as its language. This course will take 11 hours/week and is part of the Internet of Things Specialization

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