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Want to be a qualified Primary School Teacher?

A Web Designer? An accountant?

Many Mums choose to study for their degree when home with their babies.  Yes it is a busy time, but a great way to skill up while you are off work.  Invest in YOU for your future.

Investing in yourself means you can always earn an income for your family. A degree is forever, and opens the door to the much higher pay grades!

Degrees Mean Higher Income!

Once up-skilled, here are some of the pay grades you can expect per annum.

Business Degrees:

  • Finance Manager  $107,272
  • Logistics Manager $96,704

Education Degrees:

  • Primary School Teacher  $66,996
  • Kindergarten Teacher  $57,034

Psychology & Social Sciences Degrees:

  • Counsellor  $69,316
  • Psychologist $77,766
  • Criminologist  $73,241

Design Degrees and Media:

  • Web Designer  $61,375
  • Graphic Designer  $59,603
  • Advertising Manager  $96,616
  • Public Relations Officer  $64,255




















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