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So you have a small business and want to promote it — Yay! That’s terrific news!

Starting a new business is a terrific way for mums to make some extra money and you never know where it will end up!

For people to buy your products and services, you need to be found — and that means marketing. Most small business don’t have a marketing budget for advertising, though, but the great news is that there is a free tool you can use to advertise.

Hint: it’s right at your fingertips.

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Here are some great ways to growing a business Facebook Page so that you can market your business, and sell your products and services at the same time.

1. Advantages of a Facebook Page over a Website

Starting a business Facebook Page has a huge initial impact on a small business over a website. Why? Websites cost a lot of money and Facebook pages are totally free.

Growing Your Business Facebook Page

Other advantages are the following:

  • Most people are on Facebook now — and ‘most people’ will be your customers.
  • You don’t need to be technically minded to run a business Facebook page.
  • Facebook has some great ‘add on’ features and it is getting better all the time. You can now purchase Apps that will allow you to set up a ‘store’ within your Facebook Page.

2.  How to Get People to ‘Like’ Your Page

If your page is new, first of all, invite your friends and family to support you. Then, offer an invite to your current customers. Once you have done that, it is time to grow your Facebook Page organically. Now, this won’t happen overnight, but with good regular content, you can build up a terrific following. You need to give people a good reason to keep checking your page. To do this, you need to keep them interested. See below for more information on content. Other things you can put on your page to interest people include:

  • Special Offers, Deals and Promotions
  • Fantastic content relevant to your field
  • Guest posts from other websites
  • Funnies such as jokes and e-cards
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The key is ‘engagement’ which is the art of getting people to come back. Find out what works well for your followers and run with it. If you’re not sure what to put on your page, ask them on the page. Everyone loves to have their opinions heard, and you have the perfect platform to listen.  If you give your customers what they want, they will keep coming back.

3. Content, Content, Content

The main point of difference between your Facebook Page and everyone else’s will be YOUR CONTENT. No matter what field of business you are in, there is limitless topics to write about for your business page. Content can be anything from:

  • Pictures with captions
  • A whole written essay (you can store it on free website software such as Wix or Blogger)
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For example, Gina runs a hairdressing business called Your Serenity. The posts she originally published on her Facebook page only revolved around announcement of offers, discounts, new products, and locations. She noticed that while old customers were returning, her page wasn’t really getting new customers. This is because her page does not differ much from other similar pages; thus, she wasn’t able to gain the interest of potential customers.

Gina then decided to change her strategy. Using her Facebook page, she began reposting relevant hairdressing-related content from other websites. This got some people interesting, resulting to new leads for her. Eventually, she began posting her own articles that inform people as well as promote her business. Her Facebook page grew because she was now offering something that her competitors don’t: engagement with information.

4.  Free Sites/Services to Use to Get Started


Not only is this a free photo editing software, it is simple and easy to use for all your basic Facebook needs.

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In connection with number 3, creating a blog that both informs the audience and converts them from readers to customers. You can connect your blog posts to your Facebook page so that each published post in the blog is automatically published and promoted in your Facebook page.

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Canva is a photo-editing slash designing online software that is also free. There are templates that you can use to make pretty announcements, messages, and pictures.

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You’ll need this free social media management tool if you want to schedule posts in advance. This is also helpful if you’re doing cross-platform publishing, e.g. if you’re managing pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Do you have questions about growing a business Facebook page? We’d love to answer them!

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