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With all the work from home ideas, if you want to become a Cake Decorator or Caterer and you have the time and flair in the kitchen to create beautiful cakes good enough for birthdays, weddings or catering functions, or if you cook cheesecakes or quiches to die for, this is for you.

There are many facets to this business depending on where your skills lie, but with many Mums and businesses so busy these days, most are outsourcing this type of work.

For example you could be:

  • A supplier of children’s birthday cakes
  • make delectable sweets for a function like a wedding
  • Design and cater a sweet bar (all the rage at weddings now) with various lollies
  • Bake fruit or mud cakes to supply to cake decorators
  • Do beautifully iced cupcakes for all sorts of functions
  • Cater for Council Meetings (sandwiches etc)
  • Provide amazing finger food for a Christmas Party

A natural flair for this sort of work is imperative, but if your friends and family rave over your cooking prowess, then perhaps this is worth considering!

Legal RequirementsBecome a Cake Decorator or Caterer | Stay at Home Mum

Check the legalities with your local Council (all Councils have different requirements) but most will require you to cook in a commercial kitchen.  If your kitchen is not a listed commercial kitchen, perhaps look into having it registered as such (again your local Council will help) or try your local hall – most are already registered and for a small fee you can use their facilities instead.

Food and hygiene licences may also be required as well as an ABN number.

Personal Requirements

You will need to be prompt, on time and provide an excellent product.  Most people in this type of business work via word of mouth, so your product will need to speak volumes for repeat business.

How to Advertise and Get Your Name Out There

Cake Decorators are localised businesses so try advertising in your local paper.  Other ways include:

  • Local Shopping Centre Community Noticeboards
  • School newsletters
  • Leave your business cards at wedding shops or the local Council
  • Start your own Facebook Page and invite your friends
  • Do up business cards and include a heap whenever you make a delivery.
  • Your local Food Fest or Wedding Spectacular

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