How to Make Money Blogging – Beginners Guide

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How to Make Money Blogging – Beginners Guide

How to Make Money Blogging

It seems these days EVERYONE has a blog, and that is fantastic.  There is so much wonderful content out there, and the blog world has room for everyone!.  But if you want your blog to also make you an income, that is a huge step!  And how do you make a blog profitable?  Well there are lot of ways to do it.  None of them easy I’m afraid – but today I will tell you all the ways that a successful blog will make a good income!

What is a Blog?

A blog is a small website that focuses on a topic of interest (or niche) and is written in the first person by the owner.  There are some wonderful blogs in Australia – and some of them make a lot of money every year employing up to fifty people.  A majority of blogs, however, are just one person, writing about what they are passionate about, and sharing it with the whole world to see.

How to Make Money Blogging | Stay At Home Mum

How to Start Blogging?

For a beginner, to start your own blog is a bit complicated if you aren’t very tech savvy. You have to take time learning the navigation, but eventually, you will find that part easy once it goes live. I suggest starting first with posting reviews regularly and gain an audience because it opens doors of opportunities for you to attract clients.

BUT: Starting on a free platform is good to get going, get into practice and have a go, especially if you aren’t sure if this is right for you!

Although there are many free platforms available for you to get started, the success of advertising privileges is very thin. Banner Ads are the most common advertising form that can be used by both free and paid platforms. However, there are a few banners that don´t work with any of them

I personally pick because it is very easy to use, and most bloggers use it. There are also other popular free platforms to choose from like Blogger or Blogspot via google, Weebly, Tumblr, Hubpages, Wix, SquareSpace, livejournal, Medium and many more.

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“We will go into the ins and outs of how to start blogging in another article!”

What Now?

So you have started your blog, now you need to get people to see your content.  This is called ‘TRAFFIC’ – and the more traffic your blog has, the easier it will be for you to monetise your website/blog.  One of the best ways to get traffic is to share and publicise your every written entry in social media.

  • Facebook
  • Instragram
  • Youtube channel
  • Start a newsletter
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • StumbleUpon
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit

Starting a Facebook page and posting your content regularly helps increase the popularity of your blog site. Ask your friends to ‘Like’ your page and share the content on their page.

The key to building your blog is regular, great content. Yes, regular posting can help keep your blog site´s traffic ongoing in search engines.

So now to the good bit…

How Do Most Blogs Make Money:

“Well most blogs make money in about lots different ways – those things being”

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#1. Selling Advertising Space on Your Blog

It is one of the best ways for people to start monetising their platforms. A Blog site with the particular niche is reached by companies with an offer to run an advertising which are the banners that you often see on a website. How much should you charge for advertising on your blog? Traffic will dictate how much you can charge. For example, if your blog site receives 500 views per day, you might charge $100 per month.

#2. Doing sponsored posts

Have you noticed shared articles or ads on Facebook that has the ¨sponsored¨ on it? It is a paid promotional message whether written by you or an advertiser that should be seen as ¨sponsored by – name of the company.¨ A sponsored post can be in a form of a tweet on Twitter or a short message on any social media like Instagram to draw a large amount of popularity, – more money.

#3. Product Reviews

Most buyers would read about other people´s experience of using a gadget, clothing & apparel or any products before they decide a purchase. One of the best examples is that offers product review services. After registering you as a member contributor, you will be directed to the products category page where you can choose a product that you would like to review. Once approved by the website, they will mail the product for you to use. Then you will write your experience, even a constructive criticism about the product.

#4. Affiliate Marketing

Basically a commission-based program. For example, you signed up for´s affiliate program – a website selling books for toddlers, you have to input the affiliate code to your blog site´s sidebar or widget to create a banner. You will earn money when the people you sent from your blog site by clicking the banner makes a purchase. It takes time  but at least it´s a passive income. 

Read our Top 15+ Australian Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Website for a list of the best affiliate platforms to join.

#5. Selling of E-books

It is not a rocket science that the age of newspaper and magazines is slowly fading; it has all turned digital since the day Tablets were invented. Most authors are not sure about selling E-books because they are not sure how to self-publish. There are only 5 important factors when you sell E-book.

  • Write what you love to share (niche)
  • Choose an attention-magnet title
  • Write on the content what readers often missed on other books with similar subject as yours
  • Design an attractive graphic for your cover
  • Write a perfect description of your E-book

how to write an ebook for profit | Stay at Home Mum

Grab our Ebook on ‘How to Write an Ebook for Profit’

#6. Google Adwords

Google Adwords are advertisements paid by companies that want their businesses to appear at the top search results. Whenever you type a keyword on a search box, the first one to appear on the search results with a yellow icon is the Google Adwords. The monetisation operates as cost-per-click advertising.  To read more click Here.

#7. Brand Ambassadorship

Let us skip Emma Watson or Leonardo Di Caprio from brand ambassadorship, we all know they have been there and will most likely stay there. For a blogger to land on this career, you have to be good in Vblogging or video blogging, many vloggers became Youtube sensations promoting big brands through their reviews. Best examples of the vbloggers turned into brand ambassadors are Gigi Gorgeous with makeup brand Too Faced Cosmetics, Trisha Paytas with skincare brand Visage Pro with and Ingrid Nilsen with cosmetic line Covergirl.

#8. Paid content

Paid content is all about digital media and selling your content on news and magazine websites. The key to starting this career is to always develop a bloody good content and finding the type of client that is willing to work within your needs. An informative and catchy content leads to attracting many opportunities. Famous news and public affairs websites like and are best examples for content writing.

#9. Google Adsense

Google Adsense pay for clicks or impressions on the Google ads that they are displaying on your site. However, signing up with Google Adsense requires a domain (URL) that you own like, e.g –, website or A subdomain like or websitename.html are invalid urls. To read more click Here.

One of the basic practices of bloggers to attract potential clients is by keeping an eye on the newly established businesses with social media accounts that are still in need of marketing boost. Redundant? Yes, it may be is, but that´s one of the effective publicity cycles of finding potential clients. These companies, in spite of having social media accounts, they are aware that customers are a sceptic and do a search for reviews. So that´s when you step in and take advantage of offering your blogging skills to write a review.

How to make money blogging would need a combination of all of these to bring in a decent income. Good luck!

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