Are You Considering Going Back to Work?

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Are You Considering Going Back to Work?

It can be a hard and extremely daunting decision and process when taking the steps to return to work. Regardless of how long you’ve been out of the rat race for, there will come a time when you need to dust off that resume and put your best foot forward.

With the phenomenal growth of the internet there has been quite a change over the years with regards to looking for work. Gone are the days of Job Vacancy Boards and posters and here is the day of virtual databases of literally hundreds of thousands of jobs listed online for you to peruse from the comfort of your home.

Once you have dusted off the old CV, it’s time to update it. Don’t be afraid to add that you’ve been a Stay at Home Parent for ‘X’ amount of years. It speaks volumes to your commitment and says so much more than ‘Hey, I’ve been having babies and wearing trackies every chance I get.’

If you are having trouble updating your resume there are a few different options available to you. You can Either Use a template from Microsoft word/ Works or Publisher etc. You can also Google it, Pay someone to re-write it for you or approach and employment agency.

If you register through Centrelink that you are looking at returning to work, there are a huge amount of services that can be made available providing of course that you fit the requirements. Centrelink want to help you get a job (so they won’t have to pay you) and can not only help with getting you registered with various Employment agencies that are there specifically to help get you back into the workforce but they can also retrain you with new skills and knowledge as well as provide financial assistance with purchasing Interview appropriate clothing, shoes and will even offer an incentive to any potential employers! To check your eligibility for Centrelink services got to see what options are available to you. REMEMBER these and more are all available to those with Disabilities also. So if you had to leave the workforce due to disability or Illness and are now wanting to and are ready to return to work Centrelink will be able to help you! Another helpful one for people in your situation is Break Through People Solutions. There will be others available in your local areas as well so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance and do some research on it.

Now if you are In-eligible for Government assistance for any reason or you’d like to take the initiative and get yourself out there ASAP, there are many online avenues to explore. You can find a phenomenal amount of jobs through different resources but there are a fewonline options that take the lead and are favoured by potential employers.

SEEK Australia’s number one job site with over 150,000 job vacancies available through their online data base and is visited a whopping 14.7 million times every month. Seek is one of the most widely recognised and favoured by Employers and Job seekers alike.

Career One is another widely recognised Employment listings on the internet. With a Huge Variety of Industries and Work from home positions in their files. Pop on over and take a

With both SEEK and Career One, you can opt to have new job listings that fit your criteria emailed straight to you so you are kept up to date with new listings at all times giving you a great standing for being first in the door.

Also it’s a really good idea to see what Facebook pages are available that promote your local area. I’ve seen so many people post about new jobs going around town just from the local Buy, Swap, and Sell type Facebook pages you wouldn’t believe. Be sure to check and ask around about any virtual Local Job Boards too. They can be a real asset to you!

Be sure to check local Classifieds and Notice Boards still as there are a number of businesses that would rather do things a little more traditionally when it comes to finding employees.

There are some people that would disagree with me but I’m still a believer in the good old foot slog. Get some comfy (yet stylish) shoes and be sure to dress in a neat and tidy Business-like manner, get plenty of copies of your resume printed and pound the pavement heading into as many different businesses as you can and getting that resume out there. There will be rejections but keep your chin up and just keep going. There is someone out there looking for a person just like you to fill a position in their establishment. It’s a good idea to ask if the Manager is available before handing your resume out as it’s not uncommon for staff to “misplace” resumes for some reason or another and it gives you the opportunity to be more than just a name of a few pieces of paper as far as the Manager is concerned.

Regardless of what avenues you take with regards to seeking employment, remember to present yourself well, be confident (but not cocky) and be honest and be yourself.

Good luck on your Job-seeking efforts and here’s hoping that the job of your dreams is just a few resumes away!

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