How To Start Your Stay-At-Home Mum Blog On Instagram

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How To Start Your Stay-At-Home Mum Blog On Instagram

Using Instagram to become a mum influencer and start your own stay-at-home mum blog is a great way for mums like us to share our everyday life, daily struggles, tips and tricks that we have learned over time as we raise our kids full-time.

Being a fulltime stay-at-home entails a lot of hard work, learning, and patience. It involves us dealing with our emotions postpartum, and cherishing every moment with our kids.

Not only does sharing these experiences help our journey as a mother, it also helps new or expecting mothers prepare for their own journey. A lot of new mothers look upto mum blogs and mum influencers to seek help and for ideas to make their parenting style better.

In addition to that, your blog could also serve as a source of income for you if you constantly put out good content and reach PR deals.

How To Start Your Stay-At-Home Mum Blog On Instagram | Stay At Home Mum

Listed below are a few steps that you can follow to start you own stay-at-home mum blog on Instagram:

1. Brainstorm for a name and a relatable bio

When a new or expecting mum comes across your profile, this is probably the first thing they are likely to notice. Hence, your blog’s name, bio and username should all be cohesive and tied together. Some catchy names you can take inspiration from include “The Millennial Mummy”, “Mumfluencer”, “Mum It Yourself” and “Mumspiration”. If there exists something unique in your parenting style, try to incorporate that in your bio.

For instance, if you are a mum to twins or triplets, you may add “Mum of twins” to your bio. Similarly, if you are a mum to a child with a special ability, add that to your username or bio.

2. Follow other mum blogs that resonate with you

If you want your blog to show up in your target audience’s “accounts you should follow” list, your blog should be similar in content and layout to that of other popular mum blogs.

Hence, you should follow other mum blogs and parenting influencers that are similar to the content that you plan to put out and those who inspire you.

Try not to follow irrelevant blogs as it may contribute to your profile and on your experience on Instagram poorly. Focus on following both micro-influencer accounts and hugely popular pages both.

3. Create a content schedule

You should create a monthly content calendar and figure out how often you will post in a week. You should ensure quality over quantity, and focus on ensuring consistency in your posting schedule.

You can design your schedule around the frequency of your posts, the posting times and the content that you will be posting on particular days. You may also have specialized segments over the week, and have segments like “Tips for Thursdays” or “Monday Motivation” for instance. Your content schedule should also include a marketing schedule, and if you feel you aren’t too equipped in this field, get help from

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4. Focus on creating valuable content

While us mums may think that posting cute pictures of our children is enough for content on our blog, the truth is that it is not. Irrespective of just how cute our mini-us can get, in order to create a popular mum blog and monetize it we must build a brand around our blog.

We should post content about our daily life, our family’s matching OOTDs, how we work around the home, organizing solutions, parenting tips and hacks, etc. We should also focus on communicating body positivity postpartum, speak about postpartum depression, health and wellness, and home décor.

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While mum blogs were initially considered a niche in the world of social media, they are growing in their following and content to become more mainstream.

This is because stay-at-home mums all over the world are looking to improve their parenting and hoping to become a part of a community that focuses on parenting and raising kids.

How To Start Your Stay-At-Home Mum Blog On Instagram | Stay At Home Mum
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