Returning to the Work Force

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Returning to the Work Force

Are you thinking about making the move back into the work force. This can be a extremely daunting thing to do for a number of reasons. I actually found returning to the work force scarier than giving birth. In fact, we recently asked our fans on Facebook the question, if you are considering re-entering the workforce after having time off to have babies, what is the one thing that worries you or makes you nervous about going back to work? 

With close to 600 responses we wanted to share with you some of the most common concerns and obstacles that us mums face. We were moved to tears reading through the comments, not only because we know exactly how scary and confronting it can be returning to work, but also by the huge support and advice that our fans put forth.  And we also wanted to share with you some of our tips on addressing these concerns, returning to the work force and finding a career that offers that flexibility and support you need when juggling career and kids.  And, thank to our dear friends at Avon, we hope we have the perfect solution for any mum wanting to return to work.

Our Biggest Fears When Returning to the Work Force

“For me it’s not being available immediately if one of my boys is sick” 

For most mums (me included), being a mum comes first. Work will always come after my kids but most employers are not going to happily let you miss work every time your child needs you. Finding a job that allows you to be mum first and put your work aside when one of your children needs you (and only you) is tricky.

“Missing out on those special moments/milestones with my baby” 

In an ideal world you and bub would be able to be together, all the time. But most employers don’t let you bring your baby to work with you and work at home jobs are few and far between. However, if you are able to find a job that allows you to work your own hours, you can spend more time with your little ones, you can be there for school pick up and drop off and you can hopefully find a routine that allows you to rely on daycare less.

Returning to the Work Force | Stay at Home Mum

“Just getting my foot back in the door after so long being a stay at home mum”

The world changes so fast and even if you have only been off work for a couple of years, you may feel like you have missed out on a lot of training and experience. Plus, you may be competing with fresh faced Uni students with intense qualifications who actually get a full night’s sleep every night.  This is why finding a company that offers support, training and mentoring as part of the position is so ideal.

“I was worried that I was worth nothing, out skilled and under qualified”

How hard is it to apply for job after job after job and get nothing back?  Or, go to an interview and realise that you don’t have the qualifications they need. Trust me, we’ve all been there and it is so hard to pick yourself back up and keep applying over and over again. You are putting yourself out there and this is terrifying. It can take a lot of rejections to get to where you want to be. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

SAHM’s Suggestions When Returning to the Workforce

Our top suggestion for any mum looking to return to the workforce and faced with some or all of these concerns is to consider Avon.   There are so many incentives to sell Avon products. Not only is there is potential to easily earn $6000+ every three weeks but there are also travel opportunities and more!  But this is not what we love the most. What we love about Avon is the support and free training they offer, the flexibility they provide and the social atmosphere they create.  In fact, all of the above negatives about returning to the workforce – missing out on milestones, not being there for the kids, not being qualified enough, not having the right support – don’t exist with Avon at all. You can work from home, around your kid’s routine. You can be there when they need you. You can move at your own pace. And, best of all, you will receive the support, training and mentoring to get back into the work force and move up as you wish.

Returning to the Work Force | Stay at Home Mum

Avon have been a leading name in the beauty industry since 1955 and is now one of the world’s largest direct selling companies; their products are synonymous with quality and value. However, it’s not just makeup that you can sell. Avon’s line of products include skin care, bath and body, fashion and home, hair care and fragrance.

How To Get Started

There are no daunting interviews with Avon and no lengthy waiting periods. After you sign up you can get started right away. What you can expect is a friendly chat with your local manager where you will be given all the resources and tools to move forward.  You can then take a look at the online training, webinars, tutorials, leadership and management training and sales events in your area and begin your journey as an Avon Representative.

Working for Avon is not for everyone out there but it might be just the thing you are looking for. You will make money; you will have a flexible schedule to work around the kids; and you will be offered more support and training programs than with most jobs out there. Give it a try and please, let us know how you go. We would love to hear a success story from each and every SAHM out there! 

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