How to Prepare Before Starting Your Career

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How to Prepare Before Starting Your Career

Thinking about your future and professional career can either give you anxiety, get you excited, or both.

Most people tend to have a certain job in their mind and hope to continue in the said field till they get retired.

However, given the current dynamic job environment and constant upgrades in the economy, it is very unlikely that graduates today are going to continue working in the same field or role for the rest of their lives.

This changing work environment entails that graduates this year take a number of steps in their academic and professional lives and prepare for their career.

How to Prepare before Starting Your Career | Stay At Home Mum

Listed below are some of the things that one should do in order to prepare for starting their career and professional life:

Conduct research on growth and industry trends

If you have a desired future career or field in mind, the logical next step would be to do some research about the merits and trends of the said field. This entails you mapping out career trajectory – which you may most likely not end up following – which could help you understand personal and professional development along the way.

Look into average salaries, progression trends, and any academic or research based developments in your field. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics proves to be a great resource for individuals looking to understand a chosen field’s growth rates and median pay.

Build your skills and professional competency

Learning is a never ending process and the more knowledgeable you are about your chosen field, the more you are likely to succeed in your job interviews. Seek to learn about the trending topics in your chosen field.

Opt for Online Courses to excel in a certain department that you currently lack skills in.

focus on both personal and professional development by reading relevant books, blogs and industry publications.

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Speak to professionals and find a mentor

It is always important to speak to individuals in an industry prior to joining it yourself. Professionals who have spent some time in the field would be able to guide you better about the industry and its insights, and would be able to help you with networking opportunities.

It is also important that in addition to a mentor from your academic life, you also seek mentorship from someone in your chosen field or career who can guide you along your professional life and career journey. A good resource for individuals seeking industry mentors would be Meetup or Linkedin which are professional networking websites.

Volunteer and intern

Before you land a full-time job, it is essential that you volunteer or intern in your chosen industry to get the hang of it. Volunteering or interning would also make you realize whether you truly love and are passionate about your chosen field or not. It would help you realize the niche that you are particularly fond of and take interest in.

How to Prepare before Starting Your Career | Stay At Home Mum

Evaluate themselves

It is important that you build your personal brand in the process of realizing and achieving our career goals. You should build your personal and professional self in preparation for your chosen career.

An important part of that would be evaluating yourself and asking yourself a few basic questions which include whether you are in-the-know of subject matter experts of your field and whether you have the skills you need for your chosen career and pertaining roles.

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