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Working from home can be achieved by just about anyone. Being at home can be monotonously boring. It really can – it’s the same jobs day in day out – seven days a week. Most Mums I know would love to do something from home that both interests them and that might bring in a bit of extra cash….. Here are some suggestions:
1. Party Plan – yes there is Tupperware, UnderCoverWear, Bessemer etc
2. Children’s Entertainer
3. Herb Farming
4. Sewing
5. Bookkeeper
6. Online Assistant
7. Cut flower business
8. Freelance Photographer
9. Restorer of Furniture
10. Balloon Decorating
11. Wedding Decorating
12. Catering (with appropriate health licenses of course!)
13. Business Plan Writer
14. Resumes
15. Cake Decorator
16. Dry Cleaning Pick Up & Delivery Service
17. Proof Reader
18. Family Tree Historian
19. Gift Baskets
20. Event Planner
This is just a broad overview of what is out there. Pick something that you are good at and have an interest in and you can’t go wrong!

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