30 Hilarious Moments When the Carpet and the Curtains Matched YouWTF??? bahahhaha

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  • 30 Hilarious Moments When the Carpet and the Curtains Matched You

Let’s admit that there are more silly moments in our lives than serious ones. Most especially during the days when the carpet and the curtains match with our well-planned outfits. 

Bummer right? bahaha. But what do we do when these moments come? Me? I guess I’ll deal with it by snapping a photo just like these fun peeps below!

Here are some of our favourite flop moments!

This shirt is a pretty “un-curtain-y” one, but who would have thought that it would still match the interiors of a hotel. Lol!

30 Hilarious Moments When the Carpet and the Curtains Matched You | Stay at Home Mum
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Oh well, let’s all smile to it! 

meanwhile in australia
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Bahaha! I actually love her sweater.

awkward 10
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“Oooh, I’m one with the ocean!”

awkward 11
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Pffft! I lol’d so hard at this!


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So it’s not curtains and interiors anymore, huh? 

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Lol she definitely got the memo! 

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Oooh, so high fashion! 

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Just a coincidence I’m sure! 

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The world is an oyster and you are the pearl. 

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“Mother, where are youuu?”

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You have the same shirt but I’m sorry, he’s really more handsome. Peace! 

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She definitely belongs! 

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What to do when faced with a situation like this? Smile it out! 

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Spot the not!

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Ommmgggg. Whyyy?

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Meanwhile at IKEA…

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That look of disgust. Teehee.

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Blending in with the greenery. Lol!

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Not quite there, but almost.

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Just smile it out darling!

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Prints could really be deceiving!

awkward 3

…it could really put you in an awkward situation. 

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This one is cool though!

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Bahaha the smirk on his face won it!

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Cute! Like Paddington Bear’s coat! 

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I can’t believe train upholstery could be this colourful.

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Cute as a button!

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That reaction is quite perfect, too! bahahaha


Do the stripes!

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Have you experienced this kind of predicament too? What did you do?

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