Watch: This Huge Navel Gunk Extraction Is Otherworldly

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Watch: This Huge Navel Gunk Extraction Is Otherworldly

Here I am again, serving you the daily gross things that’d either make or break your day. This huge navel gunk extraction, however is kinda in between. 

I just don’t understand why people have miraculously huge stuff inside their navel. With this, I’m a bit nervous because my navel is an “innie” and is prone to germies being inside it. Lol!

In this video, the person might have a huge accumulation of navel gunk due to numerous lint which is actually made up of pieces of clothing fiber that get trapped in your navel and sweat, skin cells, and bacteria. Eww! I can only imagine the smell! Bahaha.

Are you feeling what I’m feeling? Satisfaction! 

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