WATCH: Brutal Nose Waxing, Are You Feeling It?

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WATCH: Brutal Nose Waxing, Are You Feeling It?

If you’re a girl then you don’t really need nose waxing, but if you’re a member of the opposite sex then your pain-o-meter should be up and ready.

Everyday of our lives, we need to groom a bit in order for the opposite sex to notice us. But that’s not always the reason why we take greater heights when it comes to our personal hygiene. Sometimes, we do things for ourselves and not for other people.

Just take a look at this nose waxing video:

It says that it’s the “Oriental Way” and the man’s nostrils, including his external nose is filled with goo that’s probably wax. Basing on the video, the man was a bit hairy, yes, but it seems that he doesn’t feel any pain during the process at all.

Seeing his nostril hairs go out that way made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up a bit. If I were in his place, I’d probably be shouting like crazy!

So ladies, do you have a man that would go to brutal heights for zero nostril hair? WTF!

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