WTF Eyebrows That Went Too Far!

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WTF Eyebrows That Went Too Far!

It’s crazy that there are still people getting away with crazy brows.. When will it stop?!

1. Eyebrows not on fleek hun….

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2. #Homegrown #Natural #Wokeuplikethis #Monobrow

3. I wouldn’t know where to look if I came face to face with these crazy brows

4. These are the definition of cartoon eyebrows

5. Okay now THESE are the definition of cartoon eyebrows

6. They’ve been filled in with permanent marker? or crayons maybe?

7. TBH they look like lil kitty ears on her forehead

8. Apart of a costume.. dress up.. make up look?

9. Girrrrrrrl what is going on hereeeee

10. I don’t know how she’s managed this shame but I’m kind of impressed and shocked at the same time.

11. Nope not a strong eyebrow day darling, nope, nope, nope.

12. Looks like a bent golf club or a snake, I dunno let your imagination run wild with this one..I played a quick game of Mr Squiggle to figure it out..

13. Now These are the ULTIMATE cartoon brows.

14. Honey what is going on..What is that?!?!?

15. Far out, I’ve got no words for these things, I wouldn’t even call them brows yall..

16. That arch though…?

17. I’m sure everyone that see’s these whispers WTF at least once

18. Smh….seriously?!

19. Bold and the beautiful was my first thought

20. C’mon now these crazy brows have got to stop…

Please DO NOT go out with eyebrows like these….

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