50 Sophisticated Baby Names for GirlsA little bit more sophisticated...

The name game, it seems, is changing yet again.

A few years ago, and indeed for a large part of the late-80s to early-90s, weird was wonderful. Now it’s bye-bye Satchel, Apple and Jermajesty, because classy is in.

In fact, we’ve gone just a few steps above classy this time. More and more modern parents are opting for names that have a – how can we say this nicely – decidedly upper-crust feel to them. If that’s you, we’ve got a great list for you to look over. Here are 50 posh baby names for your pink bundle of joy.

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Ladies first, as they say:


The female version of Adrian, this is definitely a name that demands respect.


Meaning ‘cheerful, lively’ in Italian, it is perfect for a bouncing baby girl.


A version of Annabel/Amabel that rose out of Scotland to the height of posh baby name class.


A queenly name meaning invaluable, that’s perfect for a precious girl.


The Greek goddess of the moon and hunting, this is a powerful feminine name with timeless class.


Female form of Aurelius, this Latin name means ‘golden’ and is ideal for the dainty sun in your life.


Thought to mean ‘voyager’ or ‘traveller’, this name is sure to serve as a classy reminder when your daughter travels the world.


A shortened version of Berenice, this posh name means ‘to bring victory’.


A classic take on the Aussie favourite Beth, Bethany means  ‘from a fig house’.


This gorgeous duo both mean ‘the white one’.


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The moniker of a certain famous lady, Camilla is a rarely used, but a classic name with royal history.


Meaning ‘to shine upon man’, Cassandra is great, thanks to the simple nickname, Cass/Cassie.


Made popular by Atonement, this name is falling out of popularity but remains classy nonetheless.


The French, female version of Clement, this posh name means ‘gentle, merciful’.


The original meaning of this name isn’t known, but she was the loyal daughter of King Lear, which is a timeless classic.


Meaning ‘laurel’ in Greek, Daphne is a posh name with a number of unique variants.


With a varied history, Delilah, which means ‘delicate’ in Hebrew, is definitely a name for the ages.


An Old French name with lots of opportunities to add at the end (Eleanora etc) and make it even more gorgeous.


This French name has the history and reputation as an elegant but underused name, which derives from Amelina.


A gorgeous name, which means ‘good news’ in Greek, your little one will be the story you’ve been waiting to tell.

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Like a certain machine, this name means ‘thriving’, and is perfect for a growing girl.


A classy name with a decidedly Italian or Spanish bent, this is ideal for bringing some elegance to your baby.


Easily shortened to Freddie, this cute girl’s name means ‘calm monarch’.


The English version of the French name, this strong, but classy moniker was held by the patron saint of Paris.


A twist on the more modern Joanna, Giovanna gives your daughter some Italian style.


Means ‘white ring’ in Welsh, this is a name equally home in swanky halls and rolling fields.


Another name with a delightfully unisex nickname (Henri), this name is fashionable, but rare.


A consistently popular name, Isabella has been held by high-class royals for centuries.


Although held by a famous duck, this name actually means ‘dove’.


This variant of the name was indeed made popular by Shakespeare, but this classic name has seen many happy endings.

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This is a twist on the popular Katherine, which gives enough foreign elegance to last a lifetime.


A posh version of Lillian, this name can probably be traced back to the ever popular Elizabeth.


Popular in children’s literature, parents could also choose Madelina for an even more elegant twist.


A name that oozes class, Margot means ‘pearl’ and is fitting for the centre of your world.


This name was (with masculine spelling) popular with boys, but it’s now a chic girl’s name growing in popularity.


A stylish version of the overused Natalie, Natalia offers a swanky new feel.


There aren’t enough ‘O’ names out there, but this is one that is both old-timey and elegant.


It might have a sad history, but Ophelia – meaning ‘help’ – is a stunning name with a posh reputation.


The princess from Swan Lake, Odette is a French name with a delicate sound for your own little princess.


A name that has been steadily growing in popularity, Penelope is a fancy name with Greek roots.

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With French roots, this unusual name is sure to set your little one aside as graceful and unique.

Rosalind or Roseline

Thought to mean ‘beautiful rose’, this exquisite name has all your little lady will need for class.


Not common among English speakers, Seraphina and other variants means ‘fiery ones’ after an order of angels.


The tennis star may not imbue it, but this dignified moniker means ‘calm and tranquil’.

Silvia or Sylvia

An old spelling of a common name, this goes back as far as Rome and is as classy as it as timeless.

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Few names have the genteel reputation of Sophia, which means ‘wisdom’ in Greek.


Although popular in the 1960s, thanks to Bewitched, this enchanting name is rare today.


An Italian name with the class to boot, this derives from a male derivative that means ‘strong and healthy’.


Literally meaning truth, this name hasn’t ever been popular in Australia, but it as refined as they come.


This elegant title has been held by famous faces throughout the ages, and it’s never been popular in Australia, allowing you to change the name-game here.

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So, after reading this, is everyone feeling a little upper-crust themselves? Let’s all go to a high tea and praise the virtues of our daughters, present and future!

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