Stay at Home Mum’s Dessert Section is a decadent collection of desserts for all tastes. From chocolate to fruit, pastries to ice cream – we have it all! Ohhhhh I can feel my butt getting bigger…….

The Most Amazing Apple Pie Recipe In the WORLD!

And no, I'm not joking!

Reduced Sugar Apple and Oat Muffins

A nice lunchbox treat!

Homemade Chocolate Yogo

Make Chocolate Custard at home!

20+ Tasty Tarts to Taste

Heavenly, crunchy and tasty tarts!

43 'Shut Up and Take My Money!' Condensed Milk Recipes

ASAP like.... NOW!!!

Slow Cooker Golden Syrup Pudding

The perfect winter dessert!

Pineapple Jelly Slice

Push Pineapple Shake a Tree!

Yes! You Can Cook a Pavlova in the Slow Cooker!

Here is how to do it!

Toblerone Cheesecake

Increase the size of your thighs TODAY!

Anzac Ice Cream Sandwich

How to Make Chocolate Custard

And you can reduce the amount of sugar!

Anzac Pavlova Nests

Remember your childhood years with this recipe!

Hot Cross Bun Croquembouche

Brought to you by Woolworths!

Easter Delight Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream Sundae

Delicious. Delicious. Delicious.

Extra Sticky, Sticky Date Pudding

Freaking Awesome Recipe!

Butterscotch Pudding


Golden Syrup Steamed Pudding

My favorite dessert of all time!

Coconut Impossible Pie

Sounds Impossible - but is so easy!