40 Christmas-inspired Baby Girl Names

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40 Christmas-inspired Baby Girl Names

If you’re having a baby girl in December, have you considered a name fit for the season?

It doesn’t even matter if your baby isn’t due in December, some of these names are just so damn gorgeous!

Here are 40 beautiful Christmas-inspired baby girl names that you might want to name your little angel…

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1. Angel

Pretty self-explanatory this one. Babies are angels. Period!

2. Angelica

A variation from the Angel – if you want a name that’s a little longer for your baby girl. Angels are messengers in the bible.

3. Bell or Belle

Belle means beautiful in French. Of course, if you loved Beauty and The Beast that’s another reason to name your baby Belle.

4. Beth

Can be a shorter version for Elizabeth which means God is my oath or perhaps derived from Bethlehem, the biblical birthplace of Jesus.

5. Candy

This name is as sweet as candy canes. It’s actually a Hebrew name meaning dazzling white!

6. Carol

Definitely a great time of the year to welcome your baby to the world. Everyone is singing some Christmas Carols! The meaning of the word Carol is Champion.

7. Charity

Charity is such a beautiful name that translates to words that means all kinds love toward mankind.

8. Christabel

Christabel is a name that means Follower of Christ or Beautiful Christian.

9. Cindy-Lou

Cindy-Lou is a character of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The little girl was so cute and tender and loving!

10. Clara

The name Clara means bright or clear. Fit for a bright girl!

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11. Dancer

Well, here’s a fun name on the list! Prepare for an extremely extroverted and hyper kid!

12. Dorothea

The name Dorothea sounds so elegant, right? It name means gift of God. Definitely a gift!

13. Ember

A timely name for the season. Ember is the smouldering remains of a fire. For some countries it means the warmth you get near the fireplace in the midst of winter. For us it is the striking summer heat! lol

14. Emmanuelle

Emmanuelle means God is with us. This one is popularly used as a boy’s name, but an increase of girls bear this name as well with the nickname Elle.

Epiphany means manifestation or revelation. The name has such a beautiful meaning!

15. Epiphany

16. Erela

Erela means Angel in Hebrew. Such a sweet sounding name for your little angel!

17. Eve

Eve can mean different things for different people. Evening, the day before a special or religious occasion or in the bible it means living one, life or enlivening.

18. Faith

Christmas is a celebration of Faith and it means belief and trust to God. In Latin it means confidence or belief.

19. Gabriella

Gabriella is a female version of the name Gabriel, the angel who is the bearer of good news in the Bible.

20. Gloria

Gloria is from the word Glory or Glorious. Welcoming your little bub into this world is definitely a glorious moment!

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21. Harmony

Harmony represents a beautiful meaning in the Christmas season and in life in general. It means peace and the beauty of togetherness of people.

22. Hermione

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then this baby girl name is something close to your heart. Hermione means messenger. It also means well-born in Greek. In Greek mythology, Hermione is the daughter of the King with Helen of Troy.

23. Holly

Holly as in the Holly tree. Holly tree leaves and clusters of red berries are used as Christmas decorations.

24. Hope

Doesn’t Christmas bring hope to our hearts each year? As what babies do.

25. Josephina

This one is the female version of the name Joseph, the father of baby Jesus in the bible. The name Josephina means blessings and increase.

26. Juniper

Another fun name! Juniper sounds like an energetic and fierce name for your baby girl, don’t you think? Oh, if you’ve only heard this name now, Juniper is a type of tree that is used by some as a Christmas tree.

27. Lucia

Lucia means Light and definitely a name fit for your baby girl. December is the time of the year when you see lights light up the entire city!

28. Mary

or Marie or Maria

Mary is such a trendy name especially for Catholics as it is a biblical name. Maria is another spelling option and Marie is somewhat a modern version of Mary and Maria.

29. Merry

The name Merry means guardian of the sea. In the dictionary, Merry means jolly, lively or cheerful. This one is a unisex name but mostly used for girls.

30.  Natalie

Natalie is such a pretty name and one that sounds like a name used by a celebrity. Natalie is a variation from the name Natalia which means birthday or Christmas in Russian.

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31. Neaveh

It’s heaven spelt backwards. That’s outside-the-box thinking right there!

32. Nevada

In Spanish, Nevada means snow-clad. If you are in a place that snows during Christmas or perhaps you and your SO loves the snow then go for it!

33. Noelle

Noelle is a popular name given to babies born exactly on Christmas day. It means Christmas in French and natal in Latin.

34. Peace

Definitely a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl.

35. Serene

or Serena

Serene is a synonym of the word peace. It means tranquil and calm – just how a baby is! When they’re sleeping lol. The trendy version of of the name is Serena.

If you’re having twin girls then you can have a Serene and a Serena!

36. Stella

or Estelle

Stella or Estelle means Star in Latin. By the time your baby is born, starts will be put up on top of the Christmas tree! Another option if you’re having twin girls soon!

37. Tannen

Tannen is from the German word Tanna which means fir tree. It also means leather-maker.

38. Trinity

Trinity means three or triad which refers to the holy trinity in Christian faith. This one’s a pretty baby girl name especially if it’s your third baby!

39. Virginia

Virginia means pure. Definitely a name that sounds elegant and romantic!

40. Winter

Winter is a unisex baby name. It’s a really pretty name for your baby girl especially if you love winter and the snow!

Which of these Christmas-Inspired baby girl names do you love?

PS. We’re gonna write up a list of Christmas-inspired baby boy names soon! Watch out for it!

40 Christmas-Inspired Baby Girl Names | Stay at Home Mum

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