10 Recurring Dreams And What They Mean

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10 Recurring Dreams And What They Mean

Almost everyone has experienced a recurring dream or some form of nightmare in their life time.

Some dreams can be remembered the next day, but there are some that you can’t recall at all. Sometimes, you experience having nightmares. Have you found yourself waking up from a nightmare, hearts thumping with fear and glad to be awake and alive? Did you feel the negative emotions in the dream, such as guilt, sadness, anger and fear? Have you ever wondered why you had those dreams and what do they mean?

Here are the Top 10 common recurring dreams that we have found:

1. Recurring Dreams of Falling


Falling is a common theme which often indicates that in your real life you are feeling a little out of control and insecure. You may be experiencing a lack of support and ground in your waking life.

2. Dreams of Being Chased or Attacked

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It’s a very common dream and can be one of the most frightening. Pay attention to who or what was chasing you, whether you were caught, and how the dream ended. These details will help you unlock the meanings to the dream.

3. Dreams of Being Stuck in Slow Motion


Of all the dreams, this can be the most frustrating of all, especially if you dream of being chased and can’t get away. This could be an indication that you maybe stuck in real life, unable to get anywhere fast enough or to voice your true feelings.

4. Dreaming of Your Teeth Falling Out?


This represents our ‘bite’ or aggressive nature. If you dream of losing your teeth, this has to do with ‘loss’ in general, such as loss of youth and getting older.

5. Dreams of Being Naked


Dreaming of nudity can reflect your need for self-expression and desire to be seen for who you are. If you dream that you are naked or embarrassed, it suggests anxiety about how others see you and your vulnerability.

6. Crash or Collision


This can be a warning to slow down and reflect more carefully on where you are going.

7. Dreams of The Devil

This can represent the need for us to confront an issue in our life. If you see yourself as the devil, it can be a warning to think about your own actions.

8. Water Dreams

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Water can take many forms. It can symbolise our emotional lives and energies. The meaning of the dream depends on the form that the waters takes. Deep water often suggest either danger or desire to explore the ‘depths’ of some feeling or emotional situation, while if you are dreaming of going into the water, it can symbolise the beginning of a new relationship or life situation.

9. Sex Dreams

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We often play out sexual fantasies in our dreams. This allows us to explore various possibilities and ‘what ifs’. A range of sexual behaviours can be explored in dreams about sex. The key to interpreting these dreams lies in examining your personal attitude towards sex and intimacy.

10. Dreams of Being Buried Alive


This can be one of the most terrifying dreams we can experience. However, it can be positive if you feel trapped, or that others are disregarding your needs, it prompts you to take action.

Have you had any of these types of dreams before? What’s the craziest dream you have ever had?

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