10 Must Try Sex Toys to use with your Partner

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10 Must Try Sex Toys to use with your Partner

10 Must Try Sex Toys to use with your Partner

Are you wanting to bring back some spice to your love life? Sex toys that are aimed at couples can be a lot of fun! Even if you just both end up having a bit of a giggle while giving it a go, that makes it worth it!

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There are always new adult toys coming onto the market, so we’ve been doing some research and found 10 current must-try sex toys to use with your partner. Perfect little additions for Valentines Day, Anniversary or a Romantic weekend away. Enjoy!

Happy Rabbit Cock Ring

This one calls for hands-free fun! It’s a cock ring as well as having rabbit ears that vibrate so both everyone can enjoy the vibrating sensations. It has 3 different speed options and 9 different modes of vibration to have fun experimenting with. It’s also completely waterproof and USB rechargeable. Read More >

Price: $69.95

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Satisfyer Partner Multifun 2 

Price: $57.95

This one has had raving reviews! You can really use this small vibrator anywhere! It’s a specific shape with 3 powerful vibrating engines inside. It has one engine in the main body and the 2 other engines are inside the curved arms. There are actually over 14 possible ways to use the Saisfyer Partner Multifun 2. Experiment with each other, and see what different ways you can use this amazing little device! Read More > 

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Fifty Shades of Grey Vibrations Remote Couple’s Vibrator

Price: $149.95

It might look weird, but it serves an amazing purpose. This is a couples vibrator that also can be operated remotely, so if you want to get kinky – go for it! This toy can be used internally or externally. The arms of this toy vibrate at the tips and it’s flexible so you can experiment with different angles. The remote controller has 10 vibration pattern options with 6 different levels of intensity. Read More >

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Dual Penetration Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring

Price: $114.95

If anal isn’t something that worries you, have a look at this vibrating cock ring that also doubles as a penetration device as well. The cock ring and rabbit ears vibrate and the dildo is ridged for extra pleasure. Read More > 

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Lovehoney Wild Weekend Mega Couple’s Sex Toy Kit

Price: $119.95 

Why not set yourself up for a fun weekend? This kit is such a bargain with 11 toys specifically selected for maximum pleasure and fun. It includes a G-Spot Vibrator, Vibrating Rabbit Ears, Butt Plug, Male Stroker, Anal Beads, and a few other little gems! If you are just starting out in collecting toys as a couple, this kit is great! Read More >

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Coco Couples Massager 

Price: $28.95

This one is fun! It can be used together or solo! It does only have one speed. The woman inserts it into her vagina, and there is a retrieval cord that hands out. So both of you will feel the vibrating sensations during sex. Another bonus is this toy is super quiet too! Winner! Read More > 

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OVO A2 Couple’s Ring 

Price: $85.99

This one will give both of you pleasure! It’s a vibrating couple’s ring, it’s a cock ring so along with the vibrating sensations, both of you will feel the vibration sensation. It has 3 different speed levels and comes with a 15-year warranty. Read More >

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Oriel – The Ultimate Couples Play Wand

Price: $76.99

So, it’s called the ultimate couples play wand, and for good reason. It looks luxurious and elegant. It’s easy to hold, making it easy for either you or your partner to introduce it during sex. It has 10 different levels of power, fast or slow, however, you like it. Read More >

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Fere Couple Vibrator 

Price: $137.95

The Fere Couples Vibrator might not look like a sex toy, but it certainly is, and boy, will it feel amazing! It’s made up of two pieces. A vibrator (clitoral) and a masturbator in the shape of a taco shell. Fere is made up of two pieces: a clitoral vibrator, and a convex taco shell masturbator. This shape means that all of the pleasure points around the clitoris and vagina will receive maximum sensation. It isn’t just for the ladies, guys can experiment and enjoy the masturbator as well! Read More > 

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We-Vibe Match Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator 

Price: $139.99

The We-Vibe is a popular couples sex toy. If you are skilled enough, you can use it hands-free! This sex toy was created for clitoral stimulation, g-spot, and penis stimulation. It’s quick to charge, just taking over an hour. So have a play it solo, or together! Read More > 

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We hope you enjoyed the top 10 Must Try Sex Toys to use with your Partner. Enjoy 🙂

10 Must Try Sex Toys to use with your Partner | Stay at Home Mum

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