25 Reasons Why Lack of Sex is Bad for Youand Sex is GOOD for you!

Is your busy family and work life stopping you from getting jiggy with it regularly?

Are you failing to spend enough time with your partner that allows you to do the nasty thing?

If yes, you must do something to change the situation in your favour as quickly as possible. Doing so is not only important for making your day-to-day life more pleasurable, but also for staying healthy mentally and physically.

Now get a GREAT lock for your door, and read the reasons that a lack of sex in your relationship is BAD BAD BAD for you!

1. You may find yourself aging faster.

Sex has a strong impact on our aging process. According to clinical neuropsychologist Dr. David Weeks, a practicing physician of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, older individuals who have an active sex life tend to look 5 to 7 years younger. Lack of sex, on the other hand, can make you look and feel much older than your actual age. Sex gets the heart going, is fun exercise and will make you live longer! #winning!

2. You might have fertility issues.

If your man says he has blue balls from lack of sex, he may not be lying! The quality of a man’s sperm drops when he stops having sex on a regular basis. Women also often experience hormonal imbalance due to an inactive sex life. So, couples who are trying to have a baby should take part in sexual intercourse all through the month and not just when the woman is ovulating.

3. You might find your spouse suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Infrequent sex might leave your spouse suffering from erectile dysfunction. Regular sexual activity, on the other hand, has been found to affect erections positively. So, if you want to enjoy sex, make sure you are having it regularly. More sex means he can get harder more often!


4. Lack of sex means lack of sex drive for women.

Although many might differ, there are a few experts who believe that frequent sex helps in keeping one’s libido high. According to them, abstinence tends to reduce sexual desire as the human body fails to respond to arousal by producing certain hormones. This is particularly the case for women. The more we have sex, the more we want it.  But if we don’t get it, our sex drive just switches off.

5. The vagina takes longer to get warmed up.

Women who don’t have sex on a regular basis usually take much longer to get ready for sex compared to the ones who are more regular with such activities. That’s because their vulva and vagina take much longer to lubricate naturally. Luckily, water-based lubricant is available at most supermarkets, so don’t let this stop you!

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