10+ Ways to Make Your Vagina Look Pretty

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Okay so not EXACTLY your vagina, more like your pubic area. But you’ll know what I mean here. Make your Muff, Mufftastic!

We go through all the latest and greatest vag decor options to make your vagina look pretty… But natural, nude or neither – that’s cool. It’s your vagina – you do what you wish with it. But we do LOVE talking about vaginas here at Stay at Home Mum – so see what we have found for you!

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1. Want Hair ‘Down There’ but have none? Try a Merkin!

WTF is a Merkin? Well, it is a ‘wig’ for your vagina. Yes, they are a thing. Yes, you can buy them! Merkins come in all sorts of colours, shapes, and sizes— all made to make your vagina look pretty!

Check out these stores that stock Twat Toupees, a Kitty Carpets, Fur Berets, or a lady’s low toupee!

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2. Try Some Vajazzling

Yes yes, you have heard of it – but have you actually SEEN it?  Generally, vajazzling is applying tiny crystals to your nether regions in a pattern – and there are so many cutie patootie options now, your vagina need never leave the house without bling ever again! No pain is involved to make your vagina look pretty!

Best shops for gorgeous Crotch Decor:

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3. Bleach Your Labia or Butt-Hole

Before we start – can we just say that this sounds bloody painful way to make your vagina look pretty… But apparently, it isn’t… And who is looking at your labia so hard they think you need to bleach it?

Anyhoo… If you are going to go there, make sure you use products that are made especially for this part of the body! All reviews tell us that the South Beach Gel is the best and ‘brightest’ way to lighten your lady-garden area without getting third-degree burns. Find the exclusive stockist here!

South Beach Gel | Stay at Home Mum

Get the cheapest price on South Beach Sensitive Gel

4. Do IPL Brazilian Hair Removal at Home

Laser Hair Removal is perfect for totally removing your Minge Mane, but it is expensive to get it done at the salon.  But the tech is there now for home IPL systems, so you can permanently remove any hair you like and make your vagina look pretty!

Home versions of IPL Hair Removal used to cost thousands, but now you can get devices for just $100!

5. Trim Your Pubes Into Pretty Shapes

If you want your pubes shaped into a heart, or a landing strip – but don’t want the pain of waxing – then try an intimate shaver. This is an easy way to contour your pubes into sheer pretty perfection and make your vagina look pretty spiffy!

We love the Kaphio Waterproof Bikini Trimmer from Amazon. With over 1500 five-star ratings – it has to be the best!

6. Vagacial: (A Vaginal Facial)

The older we get the more wrinkles we get, everywhere. For ladies who love skincare and pruning, Vagacial is the new best thing! with a full Vagacial comes cleansing, moisturizing and a smooth surface left over. Prettyyyy!  Just Google “Vagina Facials” and your suburb, I’m sure there will be a therapist nearby!

Alternatively – you can steam your vagina!

7. Stuff Brazilian, go French.

The French wax is by far the prettiest-looking grooming style, delicate and tidy without being completely bare and bold. You can ask your beauty therapist for a ‘French’ – or alternatively, you can buy small templates so you can wax yourself at home!

8. Get Some Serious Vag Muscles with a Kegel Trainer

Okay, again not your vagina, but still kegel muscles are super important – especially after birth when Mum’s can ‘Wee when we sneeze’ or jump on a trampoline. But luckily there are kegel trainers now – so we can make our kegels strong – and it makes sex better too!

We love the Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Training Set (pictured below). You start on the lightest weight and work your way up through the six progressively heavier-weighted kegel balls.

74568 a40924 purple 000 | Stay at Home

9. Get Your Clit Pierced

The most popular vagina prettifier goes to the clit piercing, giving you bits some bling with one of these bad boys. There are two different sorts – there is the Clitoral hood piercing (which is the most popular) where the piercing goes through the hood of the clitoris, not the clitoris itself.  This is provided you have enough of a clitoral hood to actually pierce!

Then there is the ACTUAL clitoris piercing – which is uncommon as there is the potential for nerve damage.  Some women also find that direct clitoral piercing will be too ‘sensitive’ for intercourse (so really, what’s the point?).


You can buy beautiful Clitoris jewellery here:

10. Too Scared to Pierce Your Clit? Try a Non-Piercing Labia Clip

CLIT CLIP!!! This is a favorite for sure! Without the permanence of a piercing, these pretty clips can be put on for extra special nights for a bit of fun! They are clipped onto your labia flaps and come in all different styles and colours. This is a very non-invasive way to decorate your vagina.

11. Pubic Hair Dye

Yep, there is a hair colour that is specifically made for the pubic area!  It does not contain any ammonia or parabens and is totally fine to apply to the more sensitive body parts. They come in a variety of colours so you can make your thatch any colour you wish!

Our pick is Manic Panic – it is vegan! Grab it from Amazon

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So there you go – everything you need for a hot date or just to feel good in your own underwear!


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