Have You Ever Done a Clone-a-Willy?

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Have You Ever Done a Clone-a-Willy?

Have you ever done a Clone-a-Willy?

Have you ever wanted to just clone your partner’s pecker? Well, turns out you can! You can literally duplicate your man’s peace-maker, and well – use it when he isn’t around! The only challenge here – is convincing him to let you play arts & crafts on his most prized possession.

Clone-a-Willy: Let Him Know How Much You Love His Johnson

So, don’t be too shocked if your boyfriend/partner find it a bit strange that you want to clone their purple-headed love maker. But, one way to convince him – is well, no dipstick compares to his! Right? If you are in a long-distance relationship, then cloning his todger is perfect! It’s definitely one for the sex toy drawer!

It’s also not as scary as you might think! All you do is mix some casting powder with some water and, well, pop his baby-maker inside it. An erect schlong will get the best results, of course. Once the cast has hardened, then pour in the liquid rubber mix. Wait 24 hours, and ta-da! You have a complete replica of your man’s love rod! It sounds so simple! You can even go the extra level and get a vibrating clone-a-willy kit. There are so many different variations of clone-a-willy, including pink, darl, glow in the dark! THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER (Well, your partner’s dick is at least)

Clone-A-Willy Vibrating Dildo Casting Kit

This Clone-A-Willy Kit has a light skin tone, and you can create that exact replica of your man’s penis! It also includes a single-speed vibrator that you can include to take the pleasure and fun to the next level! Buy Online >
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Clone-A-Willy Kit – HOT PINK


Why not add the feminine touch, and clone your man’s willy hot pink! Buy Online >93985 1 | Stay at Home

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Clone-A-Willy Glow In The Dark 

This vibrating clone a willy kit is extra fun with glow in the dark! You can pick from green, pink or blue! Whatever takes your fancy! You won’t have any trouble finding this penis in the dark!
9759 a9759 glow 000 2 | Stay at Home

Clone-A-Willy & Balls Vibrator Mould Kit 


When the penis isn’t enough! Add the balls into the mould, and both have a laugh in the process! This kit comes in a skin coloured natural colour. Buy Online >
61138 a34098 flesh pink 000 | Stay at Home

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Clone-A-Willy Jet Black Kit 


Make a statement with this jet black clone-a-willy kit! You will be able to see every detail of your man’s penis with this kit! Buy Online >
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You’re not missing out, ladies…..get your clam cloned too…

Why should the men have all the fun? Ladies, you haven’t been forgotten about! There are Clone-A-Pussy kits, that are perfect for recreating your delicate flower for your partner.

Clone-A-Pussy Female Moulding Kit 


Let your man get even with you, and create a mould of your lady garden. These are created very similar to the process with clone-a-willy. You can even make an exact replica of your vulva! Who knew?!
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How to use a Clone-a-Willy Kit?

So you are up for fun and ordered your clone-a-willy kit? Follow these instructions to create a perfect replica. 

  1. Cut the tube to match the length of your erect John Thomas, plus half an inch.
  2. Tape around the edge of the tube. This will be pressed against your body, so you want it to be smooth.
  3. Measure 3/4 cup of 90-degree F (32 degrees Celsius) water to pour into a large mixing bowl.
  4. Start your timer. Cut open the bag of white moulding powder, pour it into the bowl of water and start mixing. Stir no longer than 60 seconds.
  5. Pour the mixture into the moulding tube. While standing, quickly insert your Joystick before two minutes is up. Don’t wait too long, or the mixture will begin to set!
  6. Press the tube against your body. The moulding gel will completely solidify in about two more minutes.
  7. Once the mould has gelled, remove your one-eyed trouser snake while leaving the mould inside the tube. To get the most detail, let this sit for four hours before moving on.
  8. Mix the two jars of silicone together in a clean, disposable container. Use the wooden stick to get all of the silicone out and mix for at least two minutes.
  9. Pour out any water that has accumulated in the bottom of your mould and slowly pour into the silicone.
  10. Cut a small “X” in the centre of a small piece of cardboard. Push the vibrator through the cut until only the screw cap sticks out one end.
  11. Insert the silicone and cardboard assembly into the centre of the filled mould so that the cardboard rests flat against the top of the tube. Ensure to leave enough space for the vibrator to be added, or the mould may overflow.
  12. Wait 24 hours before removing your finished dildo from the mould.

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There you have it! A replica of your man’s most prized possession with Clone-a-Willy!

Have you ever done a Clone a Willy? | Stay at Home Mum

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