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Makeup products for a full face under $40? At Kmart? The title sounds like a dream. I know.

But, I assure you this is the real deal. All your makeup necessities for under $40 and from your local Kmart!

Layering your face every day is not something to look forward to, especially when you end up looking caked and fake. It’s every woman’s dream to have a makeup routine that’s natural, affordable and can be crammed into the tight schedule we run with the family! Well, for all the mums out there, Kmart has done it again with its unreal prices for some of the world’s leading cosmetics.

These cheap but cheerful products will leave your skin looking polished and keep hubby wondering how you always look so damn good!

1. Garnier Skin Active Daily All-In-One BB Cream – $12


With green tea extract and mineral pigments to keep your skin healthy, this lightweight formula gives your skin the air it needs to breathe, so breakouts don’t happen, yet still gives you that subtle glow from within as its 24-hour hydration works around the clock. Unlike foundations, which can leave your face feeling heavy and completely matte with no radiance, BB cream adds coverage without blocking your pores and keeps your glow from within present all day no matter what tasks you have at hand.

2. E.L.F. Perfect Blend Concealer – $6


The kids are keeping you up? Now you’re paying for it with dark purple rings under your eyes. No need to stress as this concealer can tackle any amount of darkness with its ‘buildable coverage’ that still leaves your skin feeling light with a bright and fresh appearance. Its long-wear also prevents it from creasing, so you don’t even need to set it, which means one less product you need to dig into your pocket for!

3. BYS Brow Liner & Highlighting Pencil – $6


Not every gal does their eyebrows but if you do, then this is a life saver and changer. With a two-in-one liner and highlighter your brows can be defined with a hint of sparkle just under your brow bone. The pencil tip can leave you with the creativity of what kind of brow you want to achieve with each new day that comes.

4. BYS Max Volume Lash Mascara – $10


This step is my personal favourite and so is this product! With an unbeatable price of only $10, this mascara gives you the maximum length and volume you desire to give that ‘lash extension’ look. Also enriched with Vitamin E, this product helps repair damaged and brittle lashes while still delivering your desired outcome at practically half the price of any high end product.

5. OXX Liquid Lipstick – $2


I know you’re shocked… 2 whole dollars for this baby! Personally, this is one of my favourite lip products to use, this nude colour in ‘Cannes’ is perfect for any time of day and glides on effortlessly while leaving a matte finish. The lippy doesn’t leave cracks in your lips either and did I mention it lasts the whole day?

These 5 products are bargains and worth every penny!

They do the job and they do it good. Get that polished but natural look every day in the comfort of your own home without denting your pocket. Why spend hundreds of dollars on makeup when you could spend under $40 on a full face! Wake up feeling great everyday knowing that you’ll look like a million bucks for a fraction of the price!

Enjoy ladies, happy shopping!

5 Makeup Products for a Full Face Under $40 from Kmart

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