Microblading Fails are Happening and They Are Horrific!

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  • Microblading Fails are Happening and They Are Horrific!

Microblading Fails are Happening and They Are Horrific!

Microblading has been around for years now, but it has become uber-popular over the last couple of years.  I know, I’ve had it done myself, as have most of the ladies in my office.  In theory, it sounds amazing.  We wake up every morning – and we actually HAVE A FACE!

I have eyebrows but because I’m naturally grey (gah) – you just can’t see them.  So I have literally spent thousands of dollars at the beauty salon having my eyebrows tinted every two – three weeks – because I will never make it to the ‘Six Week’ mark like they say you will.  Many of you will be in the same boat.  So microblading, having beautifully manicured eyebrows all the time sounds like a dream come true.  And if you get it done by a reputable and experienced person, you can.

BUT – microblading is generally an unregulated industry and more and more botched microblading jobs have been coming through the doors of high-end salons looking for a fix.

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Microblading is Not Just Another Beauty Procedure

Microblading isn’t just something you pop down the local beauty salon to have done.  It is something to be seriously considered.  Not only is microblading semi-permanent, it is painful, does need upkeep and you need to ensure you don’t get infections or scarring.

Look at this horrific reaction this poor lady had to Microblading:


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Have a Full Consultation First

Don’t just book in to have it done, book a consultation.  Talk to the Pratitioner about their experience.  Have them look at your eyebrows to make suggestions and most importantly answer any questions you may have.

If your Practitioner just has a ‘stencil’ – then RUN.  Microblading is personalised to every person – not a one size fits all.

They should also question you about your medical history to ensure you have no bleeding disorders or reactions to ensure you are a good candidate.

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Don’t Find the Cheapest Practitioner

If you are having anything done to your face or body, negotiating on price and finding the cheapest is a bad bad mistake.  This is your body – your face.  What everyone will see.  Do your research, find practitioners who have a long history, can show you real-life examples of their work.

A good Microblading Practitioner will be in demand, so if you call them and they can fit you in today, then alarm bells should be ringing.


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The Good News

Permanent Makeup isn’t really permanent. Some can last up to seven years, the eyebrows though tend to fade quite quickly.  So if you have had a horrible permanent makeup fail, know that it won’t be forever…. Sorry. You can also get them removed but it is like removing a tattoo and is very very painful!


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So let these images be a warning to just jumping into Microblading!

Microblading Fails are Happening and They Are Horrific! | Stay At Home Mum

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