I Bleached My Arsehole with South Beach Gel for Sensitive AreasYou can stick this where "the sun don't shine!" - Literally.

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The lengths we will go to all in the name of beauty know no bounds.

Hence the growing trend for the practise known as anal bleaching. Areas on the body can become discoloured over time including your chocolate starfish.  I recently bleached my arsehole with South Beach Gel for Sensitive Areas to see what all the anal bleaching hype was about.  Here’s what I found out…

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Why Would One Want to Bleach One’s Texas Chili Bowl?

Skin tone and Anal darkening occurs to many people and for a number of reasons either because of age or hormonal changes and has been happening since we first climbed down from the trees.

Bleaching our poop chute is not something people used to talk about but with the advent of Brazilian waxing and the increase in popularity for playing the back nine, there has been a growing trend for making our taint more visually appealing.

In the past, adult movie performers would have genital area and anal discolouration dealt with by professional salons with strong bleaching chemicals that would irritate and burn in an eye-watering example of “suffering for their art”. But a new natural anal bleaching product is a gentle, clean and effective way to lighten your chocolate doughnut and does not contain any potentially harmful or irritating chemicals such as kojic acid or hydroquinone.

It’s called South Beach Gel for Sensitive Areas and in addition to being effective on the bunghole, you can also use it on your genitals, breasts, underarms and face and anywhere you have age or liver spots or other discolourations of the skin.

South Beach Gel is available here

So, how does South Beach Gel actually work?

South Beach Gel is unlike anything else on the market and firstly gently exfoliates the skin to prepare it and then lightens the skin and reduces the activity of tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible for darkening). Gentle soothing agents then moisturise to protect the area and as the new skin comes to the surface, you see a lighter tone that blends with your natural skin tone.

How Long does Anal Bleaching take to Work
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How do you apply Anal Bleach?

Step 1

Wash the area you wish to lighten as normal and then allow the skin to dry.

Step 2

Apply a small amount of South Beach Gel for Sensitive Areas to the region of skin you wish to lighten by gently rubbing in a circular motion until it is completely absorbed and then you are done!

Repeated use will create the desired effect and it’s recommended to use the product twice a day, morning and evening until you reach the skin tone you want.

How Long Does South Beach Gel Take to Work?

Most people will see results in two to three weeks and maintaining that colour will come down to regular maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions – Anal Bleaching

Does Anal Bleaching burn or hurt?

Surprisingly no. I did think applying bleach to my most intimate place would burn.  But it didn’t at all.  But it does feel like you have shit yourself a little when you apply the cream and walk around for the day with that bit of ‘moisture’ right in your coight.

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Why Do I Need to Bleach My Anus?

Well, you don’t.  It’s totally up to you.  Some people want a bright sparkly butt hole.  Others don’t care.  It is purely personal choice.  We just think, if someone is close enough to your ass to see the colour of it, they are not going to stop!

Just remember, this product is for external use only and should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

I Bleached My Arsehole with South Beach Gel for Sensitive Areas | Stay At Home Mum