26 Aussie Tattoos To Commemorate Australia Day

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26 Aussie Tattoos To Commemorate Australia Day

Australia Day is here so we thought some Aussie-themed tattoos would go down a treat! 26 Aussie tattoos that are just ripper, maaaaaaaaate!!

Kicking Australia Day festivities up a notch? Why not get inked and commemorate your national pride with one of these 26 Aussie tattoos?

Whether you’re looking for something small or big, subtle or loud, we have collected some of the most iconic symbols from Down Under that will make perfect additions to any Aussie’s collection.

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Here are 26 of our favourites:

From flora and fauna to maps of the country and its flag, you’re sure to find an Aus-inspired design that’ll remind you how much our nation means. Let’s take a look at what Australian tattoo art has to offer!

Expect the waves, the echidnas, the cockatoos and the stars to wow you..

1. Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree…..

An awesome modern rendition of the Kookaburra! This iconic Australian song is easily recognizable and has been loved by generations of Australians since it was first published in 1912. The lyrics capture the beauty and serenity of Australia’s bushland, making it perfect for tattooing onto your skin. You can opt for line work or bold coloring, making the colorful bird stand out against a fiery backdrop – either way, this timeless design will look beautiful on any body part.

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2. And why not put our map on your wrist just so you won’t get lost!

For those looking for something subtle yet meaningful, why not get an Australian map tattooed on your wrist? You can keep it simple with just an outline or add extra detail with vibrant colors. Either way, you’ll be celebrating your country wherever you go! Plus, it looks great as part of a larger sleeve design or on its own – there are tons of ways to customize this classic Aussie tattoo so make sure to talk to your artist about all possibilities before committing to anything permanent!


3. Looks sketchy but at least it says “Australian Pride” loud and proud. 

f you want something bolder than a simple line drawing or map, then why not combine two elements into one statement piece? The image of a kangaroo holding up with boxing gloves with an Australian flag is both eye-catching and patriotic – perfect for anyone wanting to show their support for their home country!


4. A way to show the symbolic Australian flag is by etching it near your heart. 

What better way to show off your patriotism than having an Aussie flag permanently etched onto your skin? This classic symbol looks particularly striking when tattooed onto the chest area – waves moving across the fabric give this design real movement.


5. The script is so classy and beautiful.

This patriotic design features the words “Made in Australia” combined with the inked country. It’s perfect for showing off your country of origin and celebrating what makes you proud to be Australian.


6. Tough boxing roos.

This tattoo depicts a boxing kangaroo, fists raised and ready for action! It’s a great design for anyone who wants to show their strength and never-give-up attitude, making it the perfect tattoo for that special occasion.


7. Yep, not redundant at all. This piece is definitely a bewdy!

Combine two icons of Australia into one powerful tattoo with this design – a boxing kangaroo draped in the flag of Australia! This bold design will make sure no one ever questions your patriotism!


8. Aussie-themed tattoos are definitely a surfer’s staple.

Showcase your countries flag in an unforgettable way with this creative design – incorporate elements of the landscape such as gum trees, boomerangs, and Ulurus, as well as iconic symbols like kangaroos or koalas around the outline of an Australian flag.

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9. Yep. No one could be prouder. 

Ink it loud, ink it proud! Give everyone a clear sign that you’re proud to be an Aussie with this brilliant tattoo!


10. Proudly made in Australia, mate.

Let everyone know you’re proud to be made in Australia by incorporating this unique phrase into a stunning tattoo design!


11. The Southern Cross… 

Show how deep your love runs for Australia by getting this permanent reminder featuring the Southern Cross constellation – it has been used throughout history to represent our beautiful nation and its strong sense of identity!


12. Keep the Oi’s coming! 

This iconic Aussie call expresses national pride and energy. This two-letter word screams individuality and courage, which makes it perfect for expressing your Australian identity on this special day. You can have it inked in many different fonts and styles, making it a fun and lighthearted choice for anyone looking to make a statement.


13. Yep. A true Six-Pack!

Celebrate your love of the great outdoors with a ‘six-pack beers’ tattoo! Australians love their beer as much as their BBQs, so why not get an artistic rendition of six cans of your favourite brew?


14. Because your Aussie spirit should be everywhere. 

If you’re looking for something more elegant than beer cans, try floral ornate Australia tattoo designs! These intricate artworks feature natives like gum leaves.


15. The clear summer skies, the unfurled flag and the Sydney Opera house all in one tattoo. Just stunning. 

These intricate artworks feature blue skies of summer alongside the Southern Cross or Opera House symbols representing the country’s vibrant array of cultures.


16. Nothing but good ol’ classic Vegemite. 

Not everyone gets excited by the smell or taste of Vegemite but those who do will certainly appreciate its significance in Australian culture.


17. A bunch of Australian flowers is actually a very good body art. 

Another popular theme for Australian tattoos involves flowers – there are over 60 species native to our country after all! Featuring designs made from wattle blossom, flannel flower or waratah would be an excellent way to showcase traditional flora while incorporating bright colours into your artwork too.


18. Sydney in a snowglobe….. 

For all the Sydney-siders out there – why not get a snowglobe style design that captures all the highlights such as Harbour Bridge and Opera House? This whimsical piece would certainly stand out amongst other tattoos and provide an interesting conversation starter amongst friends or family members too!


19. An Melbourne in a snowglobe….. 

This unique design features iconic Melbourne landmarks, such as the Eureka Tower, Melbourne Cricket Ground, and Federation Square, inside a snow globe. This fun and the whimsical tattoo would surely make anyone smile when they see it!


20. This monotone kookaburra is just too cute. 

The kookaburra is an iconic Australian bird that has long been associated with good luck and protection. A monotone kookaburra tattoo would be an elegant reminder of your love for Australia with its simple but effective design.


21. Hello Possums!

These small marsupials are another symbol of Australia – often seen darting around suburban gardens or hanging upside down from tree branches! A possum tattoo can be designed to match your favourite colour or even have other native plants included around it for extra detail.


22. Spot the realness, mate. 

Why not incorporate the beauty of Australian flora into your next ink? There are plenty of options from wattle blossoms to banksias which could make for stunning tattoos both large or small!


23. This echidna is a cute little fella…a bit spiky….but cute! 

The echidna is one of Australia’s most adorable creatures and makes for lovely artwork when incorporated into tattoos!


24. Hello Cocky! 

With their bright colours and cheeky personalities, cockatoos are always sure to bring smiles! A cockatoo tattoo can be designed in any way you like!


25. Or keeping a teensy bit of Australian surf on your skin for your whole life.

The surf culture in Australia is strong. It’s impossible not to feel its energy whether you’re near the beach or not! Design your unique surf scene featuring rolling waves!


26. Must really love Vegemite to permanently mark it on your body!! 

What better way to show off how proud you are of being Australian than by getting Vegemite with wings on you? This hilarious take on the famous spread will definitely have people asking about your story behind it – so don’t forget to tell them why it was important enough for you to get permanently marked!


If considering getting any tattoos done before Australia Day comes around this year, remember that preparation is key so do the necessary research before booking that appointment – there are lots of amazing artists who produce amazing work here in Australia so take time finding someone who suits what you’re looking for!

How to take care of your tattoos?

A tattoo is a form of permanent body art, and as such, it requires special care and attention to ensure that it remains pristine and in great condition for years to come. To make sure that happens, here are 8 essential tips on taking care of your tattoo.

Tip #1: Cleanliness is important

After getting your new ink done, it’s important to keep the area clean by gently washing it twice a day with lukewarm water and unscented antibacterial soap. It’s important to use lukewarm water since hot or cold temperatures can irritate the fresh wound.

Tip #2: Apply ointment

After cleaning the area, apply a small amount of unscented lotion or ointment to keep it hydrated. However, you should not use Vaseline or any other petroleum-based product as they can clog pores and prevent proper healing.

Bepanthen Tattoo Aftercare Ointment helps heal and protect your tattooed skin. Bepanthen Tattoo Aftercare Ointment is dermatologically tested to help heal and protect tattoos. It contains Pro-vitamin B5, which helps to keep your tattooed skin moisturised and protected. The breathable protective layer provides the moisture level needed to help the skin to regenerate from within. Pro-vitamin B5 also helps skin recovery after having a tattoo.

Note: Always check in with your tattoo artist or doctor for medication!

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Tip #3: Don’t overdo it

While keeping the area clean is important, you should avoid scrubbing too hard or using harsh soaps as this can cause irritation and damage surrounding skin cells, impacting the overall look of your tattoo.

Tip #4: Protect from sun exposure

Another important step to maintain your tattoo’s vibrancy is protecting it from sun exposure whenever possible by applying sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher; this will help minimize fading over time due to direct UV rays. Additionally, for similar reasons, try to avoid swimming in public pools or hot tubs for at least two weeks after getting a new tattoo. These environments contain harmful bacteria, which could also lead to infection.

Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ with UVA+UVB broad spectrum filters, vitamin E, and panthenol. Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ cares for your skin in more ways than one, combining broad-spectrum sun protection with moisturising care. Highly effective UVA & UVB filters shield skin from sun damage. Plus, the moisturising formula with Vitamin E and Panthenol helps keep the skin hydrated.

Tip #5: Keep it covered

During the healing process (which typically lasts between two and four weeks), it’s recommended that you keep the area covered up with clothing; this helps protect against further irritation from outside elements such as dirt, sweat, and other pollutants, which can affect its appearance once healed.

Tip #6: Skip the gym

Avoid strenuous activity (such as going to the gym). At the same time, your new artwork is healing since excessive sweating can also irritate or, worse yet, infection if not properly washed afterward. Wait until you notice that scabbing has stopped before resuming normal activities.

Tip #7: Avoid touching

Whether you’re itching around the edges of your design or tempted to feel how smooth it looks now that it’s healed – resist! Touching your newly acquired art can transfer dirt, oil, and bacteria onto your skin which could negatively impact its appearance down the line; plus, if those oils weren’t appropriately removed during cleaning, then they’d have difficulty oxidizing over time which will affect how crisp lines look once healed.

Do you have an Aussie-themed ink on you? Send us your tats! 

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