42 Dainty Ear Tattoos and Piercings for WomenYou can hide them, or show them off!

I do love a good tattoo (or three), and although I’m not personally into piercings, they are a great way to express yourself without the ‘permanence’ of ink.

These days, most of us mums have one or the other – or both! Nothing against the clean-skin non-pierced mums and all.

If you aren’t ready to go the whole-hog, maybe a tiny one is a good way to start. These cute little ear tattoos and piercings are cute as a button – and easy to hide!

Let’s Start Simple…

Behind the ear tattoos are just adorable. And you can get all girly with them too. I adore this little dandelion-like tattoo behind the ear. No one need ever know it is there.

30 Dainty Ear Tattoos and Piercings | Stay At Home Mum
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And this cute triangle hidden mysteriously behind the ear…

41 Dainty Ear Tattoos and Piercings | Stay At Home Mum
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You can pour your heart out on this one.

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via google.com

If you’re a dog lover, try this one…


…Or this one, if you’re a fox lover.


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