How to Make Bleach Shampoo to Lighten Your Hair Gently

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Do you want to lighten your hair but don’t want to use pure bleach as it just tears your hair a new arsehole?

Well, perhaps consider slowly lightening your hair by making a gentle bleach shampoo at home! Bleach shampoo can be easily made and prepared without any professional help.

First do a Quick Allergy Test

But before deciding to have this new look, you must take an allergy test to determine whether you’re good to go or not.

If you are someone who has never used bleach before, performing a bleach test is of utmost necessity before you apply bleach all over your head. Prepare a mix by blending the developer and bleach in small quantities (both components should be equal in quantity). Using a cotton swab apply the mix on your elbow’s inside. If the area becomes patchy, turns red or if you feel any sort of itchiness in that part of your body, you are most likely allergic to bleach. Individuals, who are allergic to bleach, should always avoid using it.

How to Make Bleach Shampoo

Ideally, you should use a high quality clarifying shampoo for this recipe. That’s because clarifying shampoos are good at gauging the potency of the bleach you use. And you want the mixture to be as gentle as possible!

We recommend the following Clarifying Shampoos:

1. Fill a large mixing bowl with shampoo.

Begin by filling a large mixing bowl with enough shampoo. The amount of shampoo you will need for this recipe is equal to the amount you normally need for shampooing your hair. If you have plans of covering your hair with some more bleach, make sure you also increase the quantity of shampoo.

2. Prepare the bleach/developer mix.

In a smaller bowl, prepare a mix by blending 1 oz each of a developer and bleach (the bleach you pick might be available in form of powder, liquid, cream, or oil). You will get developers in various volumes. We would advise you to pick a medium one.

3.  Add the bleach/developer mix into the shampoo.

Then stir thoroughly to allow the ingredients to blend well with each other. If you have picked a clarifying shampoo, the shampoo would quickly take the colour of the bleach.

You can also add some conditioner to the mix as that helps in keeping hair healthy. However, it’s an optional step. You should avoid using conditioner if you have plans of getting your hair dyed immediately after getting them bleached.

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