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I Got 99 Problems And My Big Boobs Cause At Least 18 Of ThemAll the ways having big boobs can be a PITA

Having big boobs isn’t always the jolly lark those who have average or smaller than average ones think it might be.

In fact, quite often, having big boobs can just be a pain in the arse that adds more complications to your life than you need. I mean, they might be a good place to stash money, keys, credit cards and even use as a table to prop your drink on when you’re lying on the couch. But the disadvantages often outweigh the usefulness.

Here are the some of the worst problems only girls with big boobs will understand. And I’m just a lowly D cup… I pity my sisters out there with those crazy cup sizes beyond that. The struggle is real.

99 problems caused by big boobs | Stay at Home Mum

1. Ironing Board Envy

There are many days you look at your ironing board (the actual ironing board, not your flat-chested sister) and feel jealous. How good would it be to get around just wearing a singlet top and not worry about smacking yourself in the face with a rogue boob?  I know that that it goes both ways and sometimes, those who don’t have big boobs envy us who do, and I’ll never understand their struggles either. I remember looking at the girls in year 7 who were stuffing their training bras with tissue paper thinking “The actual fuck do you want boobs for? Be grateful!”

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