10 Best Wand Vibrators for The Most Explosive Of Orgasms

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The advantage of wand vibrators over other ‘normal’ vibrators is one thing. Power – and lots of it! And sometimes we girls just need to get off FAST. And Wand Vibrators do that – with earth-shattering orgasms!

Who says the ideal climax has to be something out of a fantasy novel? When it comes to creating magical, toe-curling, ‘make me want to scream Os’, wand massagers have the power and the vibrations to do that in the least amount of time possible!

Wand Vibrators are just the best, quickest and most efficient vibrators when it comes to getting an orgasm before the kids come knocking on the door!

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10 Best Wand Vibrators for Explosive Orgasms | Stay At Home Mum

What Makes Wand Vibrators So Damn Powerful?

Originally, the Wand Vibrator wasn’t intended to be a sex toy, but a massage device. But when more people were using the powerful vibrators on their neither regions rather than on their tennis elbow, the device, today called the Magic Wand—rapidly earned a reputation as one of the greatest toys for powerful external stimulation, giving rise to the immense popularity of the wand vibrator.

So, what exactly is the big deal? And don’t normal vibrators just do the same thing. No!

Wand vibrations’ extremely powerful rumbly vibrations are what makes them magical. You don’t need to move your body in order to get a “deeper vibration” since the motor is located at the top of the toy, allowing for all-over clitoral stimulation. And because they just have so much power (and because some of us have lost a bit of sensitivity after birthing children)… that power can be put to good use!

So if normal vibrators are a bit on the snooze side – it’s time to level up to a wand!

Here Are Our Beck Picks For The 10 Best Wand Vibrators for Explosive Orgasms!

1. The Doxy Extra Powerful Massage Wand Vibrator

  • Size: HUGE
  • Price: $199.95
  • Stockist: LoveHoney

With 30% more power than Hitachi Wands, the Doxy is a powerhouse when it comes to wands. It’s huge, it’s powerful and it’s the best there is (from personal experience!)

Is it huge? Yes.

Is it noisy? Hell yeah it is.

Does it work? Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh.

I’ve been a fan of the Doxy for years – and nothing comes close to the powerful vibrations this thing produces.

Doxy Extra Powerful Massage Wand Vibrator, Black, hi-res

2. Lovehoney Desire Luxury Rechargeable Wand Vibrator

  • Size: 6.75 inches x 12 inches
  • Price: $89.97
  • Stockist: Lovehoney

The Desire Wand has a smooth silicone covering over its ergonomic grip and rounded head, making it a very effective stimulator. You may customize the wand’s strength to your heart’s content across 10 settings, and choose from among five different wave and pulse patterns.

Feel the soft, luxurious velvet as you caress yourself or someone. Your new toy has a smooth, curved head, and its whole length is encased in luxurious silicone, hiding a strong motor.

This wand packs quite a punch yet, unlike its competitors, emits almost no noise. Concerned that it may switch on unexpectedly? Don’t worry; a built-in lock will keep your shame at bay.

10 Best Wand Vibrators for The Most Explosive Of Orgasms I Stay at Home Mum

3. The Satisfyer Wand-Er Woman

  • Size: 34cm
  • Power: 50 powerful vibration settings
  • Price: $97.95
  • Stockist: Bed Buddies

The Wand-er Woman’s Premium size Wand Vibrator has a soft silicone head that is comfortable on your most private parts, but still ‘stiff’ enough to allow those shuddering vibrations to shine through. Made from medical-grade silicone, the rounded shape of the head makes it easy to reach all areas of the body in need of relaxation! But especially your clitoris.

Satisfyer Wand-Er Woman (Purple) | Massage Wands

4. The GC Massage Wand

  • Size: 32cm
  • Power: 10-speed mode 
  • Price: $68.95
  • Stockist: Bed Buddies

We guarantee that the vibrations from this massage wand are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! With its ultra-strong, low-noise (55 dB), and 10-speed mode motor, there is no limit to what you can do!

The smooth silicone substance has a wonderful sensation when it is rubbed against the skin, and it adapts very rapidly to the temperature of your body. The fact that its head is flexible makes using it a very comfortable and delightful experience.

10 Best Wand Vibrators for The Most Explosive Of Orgasms I Stay at Home Mum

5. The Evolved Buttercup Rechargeable Massager Wand

  • Size: 20.5cm
  • Power: 10-speed motor with turbo boost
  • Price: $102.95
  • Stockist: Bed Buddies

Yes – there are travel-sized wand vibrators so you can take your earth-shattering orgasms with you wherever you go! With its 10-speed turbo-boost motor and water-submergible design, this joystick will make you feel like you’re in a sunny paradise! As your palm rests securely in the loop handle, the wand’s big tip and maximum strength will leave you breathless.

Using a flexible head allows you to build to a climax over and over again!

Small enough to fit in your handbag!

10 Best Wand Vibrators for The Most Explosive Of Orgasms I Stay at Home Mum

6. Adam & Eve The Dual-End Thrusting Wand

  • Size: 23.8 cm total length
  • Price: $166.95
  • Stockist: Bed Buddies

Feel double the excitement with two powerful toys in one! On one side, a diamond-textured wand head delivers 8 pulse-pounding vibration functions right to your clit. Flip it around to feel its 3-speed thrusting and 8-function vibrating shaft pump deep inside you.

10 Best Wand Vibrators for The Most Explosive Of Orgasms I Stay at Home Mum

7. The Bodywand Aqua Mini Rechargeable Massager Wand

Designed for imaginative play in the bath, shower, or anywhere else, this USB rechargeable multifunctional wand vibrator is waterproof and has several functions.

This mini-wand is great for travel because of its compact size, silent motor, and USB rechargeable design—all of which add to the climax and pleasure you were looking for!

10 Best Wand Vibrators for The Most Explosive Of Orgasms I Stay at Home Mum

8. Bodywand Luxe Mini Wand

  • Size: 5 x 2.83 x 0.89 inches
  • Price: $104.95
  • Stockist: Bed Buddies

The Bodywand Luxe Mini Wand, a small yet powerful vibe. – Powerful massage wand for solo or shared pleasure, fits easily in the palm of your hand, Large head and flexible neck are perfect for a deep-tissue massage. Crafted from velvety soft silicone and 100% splashproof for shower-friendly massage. 7 modes of vibration for versatile play and USB rechargeable with Travel Lock function. Take it with you anywhere!

10 Best Wand Vibrators for The Most Explosive Of Orgasms I Stay at Home Mum

9. The Adam and Eve Petite Private Pleasure Wand

  • Size: 14.8 cm long, 3.7 cm wide
  • Power: 10 powerful vibration speed
  • Price: $71.95
  • Stockist: Bed Buddies

The strength of a large wand in a little, clit-pleasing compact is here! So many ways to satisfy your hot button with this silky-smooth silicone tiny wand. If you like a more powerful buzz, try wrapping it around your clitoral region for a more textured experience.

A strong 10-function motor gives significant vibration power precisely where you need it for body-shaking orgasms!

10 Best Wand Vibrators for The Most Explosive Of Orgasms I Stay at Home Mum

10. Evolved Super Slim

Face off with this highly potent vibe that has four sculpted sides and a tapered, rounded tip that has a textured finish. Strong enough to target your erogenous zones with tremendous gusto, but yet flexible and safe for your body enough to use as a vibe to excite you from the inside out!

When you power up through all 12 toe-curling speeds, its slender girth and substantial length provide for a seductively appealing erogenous experience.

10 Best Wand Vibrators for The Most Explosive Of Orgasms I Stay at Home Mum

These Are Our Best Picks for the 10 best Wand Vibrators on the market! Enjoy ladiessss!!

10 Best Wand Vibrators for The Most Explosive Of Orgasms I Stay at Home Mum
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