Our Obsession with Anal

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Our Obsession with Anal

Here at Stay at Home Mum, we’ve noticed there’s become a gross escalation in our nation’s obsession with anal sex.

Actually, I’d go as far as saying it’s a global obsession. It’s absolutely everywhere and comes up in conversation a lot more often than it used to.

It seems to be discussed quite a bit more among men. However, I can confirm I’ve been on the receiving end of an anal request often. Even if I’ve continued to decline the offer. I set about doing some research to find out exactly why a woman’s peach is such a sought after commodity these days.

The responses didn’t disappoint and were actually a little more interesting than I expected. I started with porn. Well, why not!

Anal used to be more of a fetish type category. Now, however, it’s a staple, somewhat normalised and has an exorbitant amount of viewers. People don’t just dabble in anal anymore. It’s an actual regularly performed sex act that many people enjoy.

Problem is, those who watch anal porn are given a very unrealistic expectation of how it should play out. Porn tends to show women whose sphincters can easily manage a 14-inch donkey dick and no lubrication. In real life though, this can actually be quite dangerous.

Our little winkers are extremely sensitive and have about the same amount of nerve endings as a woman’s clitoris. I am assuming this is why anal sex has become somewhat more appealing in recent years. Apparently, for a man on the receiving end of anal, it can be an extremely pleasurable experience. A male’s G-Spot is located particularly close to the anal wall and with penile penetration, it can be stimulated quite easily during anal sex.

How anal sex is viewed by people under and over 30

My findings on this particular topic however, were very, very clear. Most heterosexual males were overly keen to add the giving of anal sex to their regular sexual activities, but 100% says “Fuck No” on receiving it. I also found that people under 30 were more open about their sexual experiences with anal. They often classed it as a normal part of their sexual activity whether in a relationship of not.

For those of us over 30, the subject was a little more taboo and the reason was based completely on our bottom’s very design. Basically, because that’s where you shit from, not many people in this age bracket wanted to admit that despite its function, they still had the desire to use this hole for pleasure. Those over 30s that did admit to experiencing the act of anal sex also said it was something they only tried. It wasn’t a part of their regular sexual encounters.

I personally believe that there is a huge mainstream shift towards normalising anal sex indirectly. Moving forward, the introduction of new technology and the way in which we communicate is portraying our arses in an entirely new light. Emojis have given our derriere a new globally recognised symbol. The peach. And rightfully so, in today’s society, although slightly less offensive among our younger demographic.

“The Forbidden Fruit”

The rest of us still consider anal sex the forbidden fruit. It’s the thing everyone knows you shouldn’t do but really want too anyway. A bit like pissing in a pool. No one will ever admit to it, but can guarantee a large majority of us have done so at some point.

Couple that with glorified bums stifling our media, the world is portraying an arse as something a lot more glamorous than a way for our bodies to dispose of waste. People are getting butt cheek implants and there’s an actual fucking market for padding embedded undies that further pronounce your booty. The arse market is a fiercely celebrity driven directive to elevate our perspective of the derriere; and it’s working. Let’s be real here.

Twerking is a completely ridiculous dance phenomenon reserved for big booties. It makes us slightly overweight, arseless uncoordinates feel somewhat inadequate. But again, it’s completely glorifying our precious peach as a sexually desirable object.

Why do Women Decline Anal Sex?

I did find though, most women even when comfortable trying new sexual experiences will decline anal for 1 of 2 reasons. Shit Dick Or Being Gecko’d.

The first is a fear that once in there, your partner pulls out and there’s an actual grogen on the end of his love sword. The second, having your partner smash his penis straight up your crack pipe dry. Hence ‘Gecko’ as you climb the wall to escape the pain (considerable arse clench occurring).

Regardless of how we got here, anal sex has definitely become an obsession. In an age where we can buy butt plugs with tails on them. Enema pumps to gently wash your anal cavity. Beads, special anal lubricants and double-ended dildos. We can no longer deny its arrival.

But of all the things that were brought to my attention during this particular research, I was consistently reminded of one thing — you should never knock anything unless you’ve given it a crack ( 100% PUN intended).

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