The Ultimate 30-Day Sex Challenge

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The Ultimate 30-Day Sex Challenge

The Ultimate 30 Day Sex Challenge

Now is no better time to focus on your partner, your relationship and your sex life.  If sex has gotten a bit ‘Meh’, then you need to try this 30 Day Quarantine Sex Challenge.  Made to teach you and your partner what you like, how you like to be touched and how to get you off.

We go through every day of the challenge showing you new, innovative ways of enjoying sex – and we even set you homework!

The Ultimate Quarantine 30 Day Sex Challenge | Stay at Home Mum

The Rules of the 30 Day Quarantine Sex Challenge:

  1. Talk about the challenge and any aspects you are not comfortable with beforehand.
  2. Ensure you use protection to prevent STI’s.
  3. Read through the daily instructions together so both of you know what to expect.
  4. Enjoy yourself!

We Set You Nightly Homework:

The homework is just to make sure you have all the props and mindset (so there are no surprises!) you will need for future challenges!  In order to make the 30 Day Advanced Quarantine Sex Challenge Work, you will require a few items – maybe you already have them at home – fantastic! If not we can tell you where to grab them in advance.

The Sex Challenge Outline:

Each day we have an outline on the ins, outs, tips and suggestions on making the evening one to remember!

If you are game – let’s go to the next page (NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK) and let us begin.

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