True Protein Weight Loss Shake Review + Discount Code

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True Protein Weight Loss Shake Review + Discount Code

I’ve Been Progressively Taste Testing All of the Weight Loss Shakes on the Market…..

And the latest one is the True Protein Weight Loss Shake in Banana and Manuka Honey.  I chose the Banana and Honey as it was a bit different and I’m not really into Chocolate. Note: This is not a paid review. All findings are my own. I purchased the True Protein Weight Loss Shakes with my own money.

True Protein Weight Loss Shake | Stay at Home Mum

The Taste of True Protein Weight Loss Shakes:

The Banana and Manuka Honey flavour, one scoop mixed with cold water as they recommend, tastes like a watered-down banana smoothie.  It tastes like real banana (cause I hate that fake tasting stuff) – and it is pretty damn yummy. It is very palatable and drinkable and doesn’t give my belly that ‘Awww that wasn’t quite right’ feeling like some of the others.  Now the first time I made a shake I added loads of ice and put it in the food processor to make an icy shake – and that didn’t work. For some reason, all the ‘product’ stuck together and it separated from the water. So I’ve gone back to just using cold water and the scoop of powder and shaking it together all traditional like.  And that works.

The True Protein Weight Loss Shake Texture:

Unlike many of the other weight loss shakes I have tried, the True Protein is actually quite ‘thin and watery’.  So it got me thinking that there was no way on earth this was going to fill me up until the next meal. WRONG! Out of all the shakes I have tried so far, this one kept me the fullest for the longest.  I have had it for both breakfast and lunch for the past three days, and my husband has had to remind me to eat – and that never happens – I love food and am always lining up for my next feed. My belly has not been rumbling, I’m not feeling that ‘ick’ feeling and I’ve had loads of energy.  In fact yesterday I went for a two-hour bike ride after having my shake and I didn’t feel like I’d run out of fuel afterwards. I’m very impressed with this as being hungry on shakes is the biggest reason I usually can’t stick to them for longer than a week.

Did I Lose Weight on True Protein?

Truth: I don’t know.  I don’t have a set of scales at home – deliberately. I get very obsessive about my weight when I have scales so I got rid of them a few years ago and focus on how my clothing feels on me instead.   Otherwise, I would end up weighing myself a few times per day and weighing food and that isn’t good for my mental health. I’m certainly consuming fewer calories than I usually would.  So I presume yes.  But it’s only been a few days so far – so watch this space! I think the fact that it is so filling and tastes good will really help me stick to it for a longer period.

Would I Buy True Protein Weight Loss Shakes Again?

Absolutely!  I think with many weight loss shakes you have to find the one that suits you, your tastes and your body’s needs the best – and this one seems like it really suits me and my body seems to really like True Protein.

How much Was The True Protein Weight Loss Shake?

For a 1kg pack which is 33 serves – I paid $70 (~$2 per serve).  The Sample Pack was $35. 
ProDefine Sample Box
More Information [+]

What Other Flavours Does It Come In?

True Protein Pro Define comes in:
  • Rich Chocolate
  • French Vanilla
  • Raw Coconut
  • Banana & Honey
True Protein Review - Sample Box Flavours
Sample box has 12 sachets over 4 flavours – More Information [+]
I purchased a ‘Sample’ pack that contains three shakes of each 4 True Protein flavours.  So while the Banana & Honey was my favourite, I have taste tested the others too (all using plain ol’ water), my findings:

Rich Chocolate

I’m not usually a fan of chocolate the Rich Chocolate was really nice. It was easy to mix together and just tasted like a chocolate milkshake with some extra healthy goodies inside! This flavour included natural cocoa, stevia and natural chocolate flavouring. The texture was great as well, it wasn’t gritty or taste overly like a protein shake and it had no “protein” smell to it either. It also wasn’t overly sweet either.

French Vanilla

French Vanilla was another one that is high on my favourite list. It took a few extra shakes to mix up, and it wasn’t overpowered with sweeteners. The texture wasn’t chalky at all. The flavouring is made up of vanilla bean powder, stevia and natural vanilla powders.

Raw Coconut

Raw Coconut, so I am not a fan of coconut drinks so this one isn’t one that I like, but that’s just because of my personal preference. It’s slightly gritty in texture because of the desiccated coconut. I mixed this one with water, but I reckon if you like coconut, this one would taste amazing with milk!
True Protein Pro Define French Vanilla Reviews
French Vanilla tasted great – Enlarge [+]
The Details of the Ingredients: True Protein Pro Define Weight Loss shakes contains L-Carnitine Tartrate and Green Tea which assist in metabolising fat.  It is sweetened with Organic Stevia.  Here is a full list of ingredients and the nutritional panel.
True Protein Review | Stay at Home Mum
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True Protein Stockists:

You can purchase True Protein directly from their website. Make sure you use the coupon codes below during checkout to better the price.

True Protein Discount Code:

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Can I Read More True Protein Reviews?

Absolutely!  Don’t just read mine – read all of them. Here are more True Protein Reviews:

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