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When we write our Christmas gift list, it’s nice to remember our Day Care, Pre-Prep and School Teachers and any other members of the village helping to raise our kids this year!

It’s a lovely gesture to give a little thank-you to the people who have taught, played with and endured our children this past year. But it does not mean you have to spend a fortune or sell a kidney to afford it by any means – there’s so much available for under $20….but then if you want to spend more, there’s lots available too! Here’s 50 gifts to suit all budgets!


Inexpensive Gifts for Teachers You Can Make at Home:

A beautiful home made meal or nibbles is always appreciated – plus they are low cost and make for a really thoughtful gift.  Here are some ideas on what you can make for the teachers in your childs’ life:

Nuts and Bolts Crunchy Snack Mix

This delicious savoury mix can be made in bulk in the slow cooker – grab some sealable glass jars, add a ribbon – and there is the perfect gifts!

Grab the recipe here>

Nuts and Bolts Crunch Snack Mix | Stay at Home Mum

Christmas Lolly Sleighs

These Christmas Lolly Sleighs are a FANTASTIC Christmas gift – not just for teachers, but for anyone!  You will need a good glue gun, some ribbon and a bit of patience.

Here’s how>

Christmas Lolly Sleighs | Stay at Home Mum

Traditional Rum Balls

These are the real old-style Rum Balls – my Grandma’s recipe made on Weetbix.  They are so damn good!  Best of all – you can make Rum Balls up to two months in advance – and you can either keep them in the fridge (they mature nicely) or even freeze them!

Grab the recipe here>

Traditional Rum Balls | Stay at Home Mum

Mini Mars Bar Christmas Puddings

These are just adorable, and they freeze well too – so you can make a load of these and pop them in the freezer for when you need them!

Grab the recipe here>

Mini Mars Bar Christmas Puddings | Stay at Home Mum

Cookie Mix in a Jar

This one is very visually gorgeous!  You can grab Mason jars from the cheap shops that have lids – which makes them easily transportable.

Grab the recipe here>

Cookie Mix in a Jar | Stay at Home Mum


Make a Mason Jar Terrarium

Terrariums are alive and beautiful and perfect to sit on the teacher’s desk.  They are really easy to make too!

20 Unique Christmas Gifts In a Jar | Stay At Home Mum

Image Credit: Storyboard Wedding

Shortbread in a Jar

We have lots of totally scrumptious shortbread recipes to try.  Serve in a Mason Jar with a lid, some gingham and a ribbon!

Shortbread recipes we recommend include:

20 Unique Christmas Gifts In a Jar | Stay At Home Mum

Image Credit: Wewegombel.me

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