21 Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Boys

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21 Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Boys

Are you looking for some ideas for gifts for a primary school aged boy?

Here are 21 suggestions to get you started. From books and games to electronics and sports equipment, there’s something here for every kid on your list. Happy shopping!

Boys can be hard to buy for – I always run out of gift ideas!

I have two boys and I can tell you – they are hard to buy for! Especially around the primary school age, tween/teen. Urghhh.

At that age, they outgrow toys so fast and are usually starting to request expensive gifts that they get bored of in less than a year.

Over the years I’ve had some no-fail ideas so here are some of their favourite things – and hopefully they might appeal to your boys, too!

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Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Boys | Stay at Home Mum

1. Pokemon Trading Cards

Yes, Pokemon Trading Cards are number one in FAD for boys at the moment. Boys are simply crazy for them. They can be bought at most toy stores or Big W. Prices start from $5 up to about $30. The cheapest place to buy them is usually eBay. Other trading cards that are popular at the moment include:

2. A T-Shirt of their favourite character or game

I don’t know what it is with tuxedos, but my kids wear them on every free dress day! I’ve bought them one each of these super cute t-shirts and it makes a good substitute!

21 Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Boys | Stay At Home Mum

3. Science Experiment Kits or Chemistry Sets

You’ll find some incredible science experiments both online and in the stores. Things that go pop or explode will delight them. There are some great challenging ones too like ways to drop a raw egg from heights without it breaking. Make up your own kit or buy one pre-prepared.

21 Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Boys | Stay At Home Mum

4. Their own Pet (and we aren’t talking about a puppy…)

If they are mature enough, look into a new pet for them. Great ideas for this age include:

  • Goldfish or Fighter Fish – only requires a small bowl, some water conditioner and food
  • Hermit Crab
  • Sea Monkeys
  • Guinea Pig
  • Budgie or Parrot

5. Lego Kits Or Little Bits Kits

Both Lego and Little Bits are awesome and educational! It’s often the first time a boy will follow instructions (which they seem to lose by manhood!) Many engineers, builders and mechanics started their passion with the simple enjoyment of putting things together. Lego is expensive, however, you can get the small starter boxes for around the $10 mark. The best thing about building stuff is that it is something Dad can do with the kids!

Our Picks:

  • Lego Minecraft The Skeleton Dungeon at $44.99
  • LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box at $69.99
21 Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Boys | Stay At Home Mum

6. Fishing Gear

What greater delight for a young boy than to learn how to fish. Put together a fishing kit with a hand reel, tackle box and maybe a few fishing accessories.

Specific ideas include:

7. A Gaming Console

If you truly want to ROCK this Christmas (and you have the cash) – you can’t go past a gaming console for boys. They love it. There are a few to choose from – but the best (in my humble opinion) are:

21 Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Boys | Stay At Home Mum

8. Gaming Accessories

The thing is, there are so many accessories for all of them that you will have loads of ideas for parents, aunts and uncles to buy on top. Think things like:

9. A Drone

Just a small one. You can usually pick up a kid’s version for around $50. You might want to help them for the first couple of goes… We lost ours in the paddock – never to be seen again…

DJI Mini SE Drone

21 Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Boys | Stay At Home Mum
DJI Mini SE Drone

10. Nerf Guns

ANY age boys love these…. even the grown-ups. Grab them at Big W or Amazon. There are also loads of accessories for Nerf Guns too – extra foam bullets, clips, basketball rings etc. You could go mad!

21 Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Boys | Stay At Home Mum

11. Jigsaw Puzzles

Not the baby ones… No… Go for the of the 500 or 1000 piece puzzles – not only will it keep him entertained for days or weeks, but parents can also get in on the act too. Just make sure you have a space that he can put it where it won’t get disturbed. My pick is the Ravensburger Puzzles – good quality and reasonably priced.

21 Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Boys | Stay At Home Mum

12.  Electric Scooter

Get where you need to be in serious style. Let your journey unfold before you as you cruise up to 30km from start to finish on a seriously long-range battery, while a double braking system, complete with LED taillights and indicators for optimum safety, cruise control to lock down your comfortable speed, dirt, dust and splash protection, and a smart portable folding design to quickly pack it up for storage in seconds.

21002994 11 26864 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

13. A Tent

You can pick up super cheap two-man tents now – even from Aldi, very reasonably priced. Boys can camp out in the backyard if you aren’t keen on camping – or have their own tent if you do enjoy it!

DTMTAS3V D | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

14. Board Games

Yes board games are perfect for this age. But don’t go too baby-ish. Good suggestions for this age include:

However, if you happen to be lucky enough to have an Xbox or Playstation – go for the online versions of the above games. Less pieces to lose and the whole family can still play! You can get games and consoles from EB Games, Big W and Kmart.

15. Online Games

There isn’t a boy alive that doesn’t LOVE online games. So if you are thinking about an Xbox One or Playstation for Christmas – here are some great games that aren’t too violent – or babyish!

  • Minecraft – All about building your own reality.
  • Fortnite
  • Fruit Ninja (aged from 7+ onwards)
  • Monopoly Family Fun Pack
  • Disney Infinity – Star Wars Starter Pack (Aged 10+)
  • Forza Motorsport 6 (Aged 10+  buy my boys aged 8 and 9 LOVE IT!)
21 Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Boys | Stay At Home Mum

16. Books

There are some fantastic books written with primary school-aged boys in mind. Help them discover the incredible world of getting lost in a book and being transported to another time or place. Ask your school librarian for suggestions, or your local bookshop will know of their best sellers.

My suggestions:

21 Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Boys | Stay At Home Mum

17. An Inflatable Water Park

What kid wouldn’t love their very own water park at home! Epic! Looking for a fun summer activity that doesn’t involve pricey admission fees? An inflatable water park is a perfect solution! These parks are popping up all over, and you can have one in your own backyard.

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning your backyard fun!

21 Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Boys | Stay At Home Mum

18. Telescope or Microscope

There are some excellently affordable telescopes on the market designed for children to discover the beauty of our universe. I always thought telescopes would cost close to $100, but I love that there are now great starter sets for under $15!

380d75b194f1d63712e51e7b4e9d673652882c5e6214786fbb5355b97203615f 82512 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

19. Crystal Growing Kit

Perhaps for the smaller primary school kids. You can pick up kits like this from Cool Things Australia for $30 (online only).

20. Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a great game boys can play with their siblings!  Great way to get them outside too!

c89c66ea8e2f41114dbfb4b0348728f2 thumb | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

21. Build Your Own Hydraulic Robotic Arm

The space-age robot arm is a build-it-yourself hydraulic device that’ll help you do all manner of tasks using its gripping and sucking functions. Make the base, wrist or shoulder and elbow rotate to pick up things with ease!

21 Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Boys | Stay At Home Mum

No batteries are required as this uses hydraulics for power instead.

A fantastic gift idea!

It can be tough to find the perfect gift for a primary school aged boy. They might not be old enough for more sophisticated toys, but they’re also starting to outgrow their childhood favourites. Here are more gift ideas that are sure to please any primary school aged boy.

Bike: A bike is the perfect way for a boy to get outside and explore. Just make sure to get one with the right sizing and features for his age and skill level.

Remote Control Car: If he’s into cars, a remote control car is sure to be a hit. Look for one that’s durable and can handle a few bumps and bruises.

Construction Toys: Building toys like LEGOs or K’Nex are always popular with boys. They help to develop fine motor skills and creativity.

Sports Equipment: Get him started on his favourite hobby with some sports equipment. A football, baseball, or basketball is sure to get plenty of use.

Books: Books are always a great gift, regardless of age. Pick out some favourites that he’s sure to enjoy.

Video Games: Video games are another popular option for boys. Just be sure to choose age-appropriate games that are appropriate for his skill level.

Outdoor Toys: Outdoor toys like frisbees or water guns are perfect for active boys. They’ll help him stay entertained while getting some exercise too.

We will keep adding awesome gift ideas for Primary School Aged Boys as we come across them. If you have a great idea, drop us a line at [email protected]!

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