20+ Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Ideas

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20+ Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Ideas

It’s almost Elf on the Shelf season once again!

This staple Christmas decoration is almost always present in every home, most predictable on top of the, well, shelf. But wait, you don’t have to limit yourself to the fireplace! Let your creativity flow freely and take inspiration from these totes hilarious elf on the shelf ideas.

How are you setting up your Elf on the Shelf this year?

Well well well.. look who’s here!

advent.elf 24177717 1346223972154932 134584011400937472 n | Stay at Home

A message to everyone who hoarded all the toilet rolls.

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Elf on the Shelf fishing on the toilet

Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Ideas | Stay At Home Mum

Riding a not-so-hot air balloon


That’s a piece of chocolate, but you can let your imagination do its job.

345 | Stay at Home

This should be a nice surprise for someone who always needs a midnight snack!

445 | Stay at Home

Look closely to see Thomas the Train’s look of perseverance.

535 | Stay at Home

What about a musically-inclined elf? Drummers are said to be sexy.

626 | Stay at Home

And when you can’t decide between Halloween and Christmas.

825 | Stay at Home

I guess Christmas wins this time. Nothing like a Christmasy toilet bowl to start the day.

922 | Stay at Home

If you want to be a hilarious mum and a Pinterest star at the same time, try this.

1021 | Stay at Home

Your guests will have a field day photographing this one.

1120 | Stay at Home

Every single element of this Elf setup is p-e-r-f-e-c-t. It makes me jealous!

1220 | Stay at Home

Bring out the, err, colourful side of your Elf with sprinkles. Glitter is optional.

1315 | Stay at Home

Harry Potter hangover? Relive the glory with your Elf: a not-so-free elf.

1413 | Stay at Home

Bababa-babanana! Minions can be annoying, but these minion ‘nanas are adorbs.

1514 | Stay at Home

If you’re dreaming of a White Christmas, live your dream using Elf and Woody.

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If you have a My Little Pony fan at home, put the ponies to brilliant use.

1711 | Stay at Home

Who knew Elf took baths? Those marshmallow suds look yummy and luxurious.

elf bath 682x1024 | Stay at Home

No My Little Pony at home? Use your kid’s Cars figures then and make a modern sleigh!

1911 | Stay at Home

Another perfect Elf setup to surprise (or scare!) a midnight snacker!

Elf on the shelf in the fridge | Stay at Home

This is such an adorable way to get a little child (even more) excited for Christmas.

2118 | Stay at Home

Who doesn’t want to play a prank on her sleeping hubby? Elf is the perfect accomplice.

2216 | Stay at Home

Guess you won’t be able to move for a little bit huh

elf on the shelf prescription | Stay at Home

Don’t forget to wear your face masks!

Elf printable face masks - Living Locurto

Look at youu following rules!

Elf Letterboard Face Mask Quarantine Living Locurto | Stay at Home

A Ninja Elf is certainly more awesome than a fat Santa going down the chimney!

2312 | Stay at Home

Need to buy an Elf for this year? Grab one HERE!

Check out more Elf on the Shelf shenanigans here, but beware – it’s adults only! 

20 Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Ideas | Stay at Home

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