10 Steps To Reduce Christmas Shopping StressSome Simple Tips That Will Leave Your Shopping Stresses Behind!

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There is no getting around it – Christmas can be a stressful time of year. But, it doesn’t have to be.

We know all about Christmas stress, believe us, we’ve been there! This year, we want to have a different Christmas experience, one where the stress doesn’t totally ruin the celebration. So, we’ve put together a list to help prepare your mind and body for Christmas shopping. Here are 10 tips guaranteed to make your shopping experience less painful and more efficient.

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10 Steps To Reduce Christmas Shopping Stress

10. Start now


The early bird doesn’t just get the worm, it also gets the deals and avoids the stress! When it comes to Christmas shopping, the more you can get done now, the less you’ll need to do as the day inches closer and closer. This is especially true for Christmas when shops become crowded and shoppers go a little crazy. Avoid the masses, shop now!

9. Shop during school hours


If you have left your shopping until December, there’s still a way you can win. Try to schedule the bulk of your shopping on a day when the kids are occupied and the shops aren’t so busy. We’d recommend school hours in particular, as not only are you kid-free, but so are the shops. If you’ve got little ones, consider asking a neighbour or friend to come over and watch your kids while you shop, and you can return the favour!

8. Take advantage of late night shopping


Shops stay open later now than ever before. This means that another good time to shop is after dinner. Most shopping centres will have extended hours during the holidays in particular which means you can hit the shops after the kids have been fed and tucked in. With them asleep, it’s easy for you to play Santa and get presents sorted (and get some time to yourself)!

7. Consider online shopping


Shopping online is another way to avoid the crowds, and the stress that comes with them. However, if you are going to do your shopping online, you need to be prepared well in advance, just in case something goes wrong with shipping or if an item arrives and is not the right size or product. So if you’re reading this and it’s two weeks before Christmas, it’s probably too late!

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6. Have lists prepared


Let’s be honest, you will most likely have more than one list. You may have one list per family member as well as general lists for items like wrapping paper, Christmas tree decorations and food. Keep these lists in a diary or somewhere else safe so they aren’t either lost, or seen by people who shouldn’t see them.

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