Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $20

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Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $20

It’s nearly that time of year again… the Secret Santa gift.  

Do you want to buy your Secret Santa something practical?

Something totally embarrassing or something so weird it’s going to get laughs?  Well we cover it all – let’s look at nifty and fun Secret Santa Gifts that are all under $20!

Secret Santa Gifts for Men:

1. Don’t Be A D#ck Chocolate

Say it with chocolates!

Get it here!

Don't Be A D#ck Chocolate | Stay At Home Mum

2. Joe Exotic Coffee Mug

Ohhhh this one is going to be a fave! Your secret santa will definitely enjoy something this..exotic.

Get it here!

Joe Exotic Coffee Mug | Stay At Home Mum

3. C#ck Heads Everywhere Mug

This mug is a subtle way to tell your secret santa to stop being one.

Get it here!

C#ck Heads Everywhere Mug | Stay At Home Mum

4. Master Baiter Coffee Mug

Does your secret santa love fishing? or just love to bait people? This one’s gonna be an adorable gift but with a hidden message. lol

Get it here!

Master Baiter Coffee Mug | Stay At Home Mum

5. ICK Ceramic Coffee Mug

Another one gift idea that I just love gifting to Secret Santas. Whether you love it or hate it, this mug is just perfect. bahaha

Get it here!

ICK Ceramic Coffee Mug | Stay At Home Mum

6. Sandal Socks

Give the gift of comfort and laughs with this socks that has a sandal pattern! bahaha

Get it here!

Sandal Socks | Stay At Home Mum

7. Man Flu Dark Chocolate

Know someone who needs this? It’s gonna be a great Secret Santa gift idea.

Get it here!

Yellow Octopus Man Flu Dark chocolate 2000x2000 e1601473296383 | Stay at Home

Secret Santa Gifts for ladies:

8. Love  Is The Answer Magic 8 Ball

Wanna tease your secret santa? This Magic 8 Ball has 20 possible answers to their heart’s deepest questions.

Get it here!

Love  Is The Answer Magic 8 Ball | Stay At Home Mum

9. Daily Sampler Desktop Affirmations

Deep inspirational quotes are sooo overrated. They also aren’t that practical. But these ones are!

Get it here!

Daily Sampler Desktop Affirmations | Stay At Home Mum

10. Goddamn! That’s A Good Coffee Mug

Ohh nothing beats a good cuppa in the morning.

Get it here!

Goddamn! That's A Good Coffee Mug | Stay At Home Mum

11. Bring Me Some Wine Socks

I’d want one for myself! Should I order for me or should I gift it? Really torn right now…

Get it here!

Gift for her Wine socks Novelty Socks funny socks custom image 0

12. A message for all the Karens


Get it here!

Calm Down Karen Shirt Sarcastic Shirt Funny Shirts For image 0


Secret Santa Gifts for Anyone!

13. Ultimate Music Trivia

This one isn’t just a good Secret Santa gift! It’s a really great gift to family and friends who are music fans.

Get it here!

Ultimate Music Trivia | Stay At Home Mum

14. Smart Ass 90s Nostalgia Tin

Know someone who is an annoying smart ass? This one is perfect for them bahaha!

Get it here!

Smart Ass 90s Nostalgia Tin | Stay At Home Mum

15. 2020: Bat Soup Crazy COVID-19 Mug

Yep that’s absolutely the best way to describe this year.

Get it here!

2020: Bat Soup Crazy COVID-19 Mug | Stay At Home Mum

16. Fake News Stamp

Not sure if I’d wanna gift this or use it on anyone who refuses to listen when I tell them to avoid believing fake news!!!

Get it here!

yellow octopus fake news stamp 2 2000x2000 e1601517436347 | Stay at Home

17. The 30-Day Go Green Challenge

This pandemic has really made people care more about the planet. Gift this 30-day go green challenge to your co-workers and do the challenge for a month!

Get it here!

DYCHALGGE Pack GB 72 1024x e1601517473385 | Stay at Home


18. Where’s Wally 1000 Piece Puzzle

Okay ain’t nobody got time fo dat! But if your secert santa is that co-worker you hate well…..

Get it here!

Where's Wally 1000 Piece Puzzle | Stay At Home Mum

19. Coffee Makes Me Poop! Poo Shaped Coffee Mug


Get it here!

Coffee Makes Me Poop! Poo Shaped Coffee Mug | Stay At Home Mum

20. Prescription Coffee Mug

For that coffee lover workmate!

Get it here!

Prescription Coffee Mug | Stay At Home Mum


Really Naughty Secret Santa Gifts:

21. Micro Penis Coffee Mug

Ooopsss! Subtly naughty!

Get it here!

Micro Penis Coffee Mug | Stay At Home Mum

22. Boobs Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

This is gonna be the main star in the dining area. LOL

Get it here!

Boobs Salt & Pepper Shaker Set | Stay At Home Mum

23. Cheeky Boobs Coffee Mug

There are lots of types of boobies and they deserve all the love!

Get it here!

yellow octopus boobs coffee mug 1 2000x2000 e1601517702540 | Stay at Home


24. Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitiser 60ml

Oh I know someone I can secret Santa gift this to… *evil laugh*

Get it here!

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitiser 60ml | Stay At Home Mum

25. Desk Nuts Hanging Stress Balls

HAHAHAHA OKAY THIS IS THE BEST ONE. Just chuck it under your desk and squish it!

Get it here!

Desk Nuts Hanging Stress Balls | Stay At Home Mum

Do you have any other Secret Santa gift ideas?

Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under 20 | Stay at Home

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