10 Toddler-Proof Christmas Tree Ideas

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10 Toddler-Proof Christmas Tree Ideas

Yay! Christmas is upon us! And now… for those who have young children, some toddler-proof Christmas ideas!

It’s time to pull out the Christmas tree and boxes of decorations.You might be a seasoned parent or a new one, but when you have a toddler, Christmas Trees are a whole different ball game!

Toddlers are like moths to light when it comes to Christmas trees and decorations! Here’s how to keep your Christmas tree safe…oh and the toddlers too.

All of the lights, tinsel and breakable decorations… it usually takes a whole 5 minutes before a toddler will want to pull down decorations, or the tree altogether! 

You can spend time trying to get them to learn not to touch it, but sometimes, it’s easier to save yourself the stress altogether. 

So, here are our suggestions of ways to toddler-proof your Christmas tree! 

1. Use a Dreambaby Mayfair Play-Pen

This is no doubt the most common solution to tornado toddlers! Place your Christmas tree and presents in the middle of a playpen! You will still be able to have the beautiful tree, lights and decorations and know that they won’t get destroyed! 

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Toddler Proof Christmas Tip: Wrap tinsel around the playpen and with clips, attach stockings and Christmas toys to keep your toddler occupied! 

2. Use a Felt Christmas Tree 

If it doesn’t bother you to not have the big traditional tree, this is great! You can buy felt Christmas trees with decorations – or make your own! That way, your toddler can re-decorate it over and over and you won’t have to worry about anything getting destroyed! Little ones seem to love playing with these. Might have to fix it up after if you are obsessive over your Christmas Tree (like me!). 

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3. Put The Christmas Tree Up High

If you like the idea of a smaller Christmas tree (less to pack up right?) then this is perfect!

You can find some really nice smaller sized Christmas trees online now! Place your tree on top of a table or stand out of reach of a toddler! Even with a few small baubles, and it’ll add a flare of Christmas spirit into your home without having the worry. 

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4. Try a Wall Sticker Christmas Tree

This is a great idea if you don’t quite have the room for a bulky Christmas tree! There are heaps of designs online, so you can find one to suit your style! You won’t need to worry about the kids pulling it over, or grabbing the decorations. 

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5. Craft it 

This is another option that can involve your kids! Craft decorations for your Christmas tree that are safe for your toddler. Decorations made out of felt, paper and soft materials are great! Get the kids involved with making them, and they’ll feel like they’ve made a special contribution to the Christmas tree. 

Here are some Christmas craft suggestions to do with your toddler this Christmas: 

6. Bells! 

This is a good one if your toddler likes to be sneaky! Attach lots of bell decorations to the lower half of your Christmas Tree! So, if you hear bells jingling, it most likely means your toddler is up to no good! It will be noisy, but at least you’ll know if they are up to mischief. 

7. Go Minimalist

Minimalism is on-trend at the moment. You might immediately think it will look boring, but a plain Christmas tree can really look aesthetically pleasing! You don’t have to worry about the kids wrecking the tree, and still keep that Christmas spirit. 

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8. Half and Half 

Only decorate the top half of your Christmas Tree, and leave the bottom half bare and boring. It may not look so great, but it’s practical and will work! This is good for cats too!

9. Duplo Christmas Tree

This is a great one to do with your kids! Duplo is a staple in most households, but if you don’t have any, even some lego or just ordinary blocks will work! Why not make a block Christmas tree together? The kids can pull it apart, put it back together over and over without having to worry. Place the Duplo Christmas tree is an easy access area for your toddler, and you will be able to participate with them whenever they decide it needs redecorating.

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10. Just ditch it all together! 

So, really. Sometimes, it’s just easier to not worry about it! Just ditch the Christmas tree altogether! Bring out the presents on Christmas morning and your kids will be just as happy! 

At the end of the day, whatever works for you and your family.

Having a young family is tricky, and Christmas time can be even tricker.

Hopefully, some of these tips give you some ideas of how to toddler-proof your Christmas tree this year!

10 Toddler-Proof Christmas Tree Ideas Pinnable

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