16 Weird Things People Have Stuck Up Their ButtAre you ready for some butt action?

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There are a lot of weird things in this world, but can you believe that some things get stuck up in some butts? 

Yep, you read that right. Medical staff have a ‘secret code’ when they have patients come in with an object they have stuck up there.  ‘Social Injury of the Rectum’ it is called – and most of the time surgery is required to remove the object as they are so far up the rectrum they become irremovable.

Why you may ask?

Most of the time the items are inserted for sexual gratification but the items went too far in to be removed.

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Here are some of the WEIRDEST and the BIGGEST things to get stuck up on people’s butts:

1. A Vibrator – and a Pair of Tongs

When she/he says, “Go deeper”, so you grab the closest thing to you in the heat of the moment. I can’t believe the tongs were included! Or were they just too mortified to go to the Emergency Department and tried to fix it themselves….. hmmmmmmmm


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2. A Barbie Doll

“Ill play Ken, you be Barbie”

Poor Barbie, her pretty face was only good for the butthole!

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3. A Pint Glass

This was a “Yeah The Boys” moment.

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4. An Egg?

“It’s for a science project, I swear,” I bet that egg should’ve been hard-boiled after 5 minutes.

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5. A Cassette Tape

Gotta preserve the classics. Oooh, diagonal goodness.

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 6. A Wine Bottle – and a Coat Hanger

I reckon a coat hanger will do the trick to fish that wine bottle out. Looking at this gave me goosebumps.

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7. A Jar of Instant Coffee

Maybe they did a coffee eneama – wrong?


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8. A Candy Cane (not a small one)

You just know this person just loves Christmas a little too much and obviously got a little too excited.

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9. A Light Bulb

Seemed like a bright idea at the time. Good thing it didn’t get crushed.

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10. A Dagger

You never know when she might come in handy. Painfully arousing… Not!

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11. A Billiard Ball

My head hurts………….

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12. Buzz Lightyear

To infinity and beyond. Goodness, I am owned!

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13. A Jar

I don’t even know how this is humanly possible.

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14. A Fork

 It’s supposed to fork the eggs. Oops, sorry I was just talking about some breakfast-y stuff.

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15. A Coke Bottle

The sixty year old male had been constipated for days after inserting the bottle and eventually was admitted to hospital with abdominal pain.  Luckily for the man, medical staff were able to remove the bottle using extra long forceps and a type of medical vacuum.

Coke Bottle
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