7 Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Choose Origin Mattress

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7 Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Choose Origin Mattress

You lay on your bed, and it’s finally that moment to take that much needed shuteye after your day’s grind against your life’s unrelenting hustle and bustle.

You think that you deserve this precious moment of peace and comfort, and nothing is going to make any less of your well-deserved rest.

But you realise that hours later, you start to feel your own body heat accumulating, you start to sweat a bit, and then comes a growing back pain, before your pet suddenly hops on to make your mattress wriggle, disturbing your nap even more. Of all things, even your mattress is not helping, so you decide to buy a new one.

But what kind of mattress should you choose?

This may sound trivial, but many undervalue the importance of choosing the right mattress which can make your bed experience either terrible or optimal. Well, after a thorough research and my personal experience, I have come to a clear verdict – that nothing beats Origin when it comes to quality mattresses.

Here are the 7 ultimate reasons why you should choose Origin for your next mattress purchase which could very well make your bed experience the best one yet.

1. A Cool Experience

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Nothing could be worse than sleeping on a hot bed (at least for me). You could turn on your room’s air-conditioner, and while it may cool down most of your body, your back may still suffocate with poor air circulation with the traditional memory foam which traps body heat with its closed-cell structure.

Well, not with Origin’s CloudCool Gel-Infused Memory Foam. It creates ventilation for your body heat to escape, allowing you a cool deep sleep that readies you for a fresh rise in the morning.

There is even solid research that when it comes to optimising your sleep, the cooler the better. According to, the ideal temperature is around 18 degrees Celsius.

The mattress mantra? Keep it cool.

2. Goldilocks Softness

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Ever wondered what it would be like to sleep on a cloud? What adjectives would you use? Soft? Free? Unreal? Well, when I first lay on Origin’s mattress, I felt like my weight was cradled like that of a baby’s. My joints sank in manners that were just right and perfectly comfortable. The bed didn’t feel too soft or too hard – it was just right for me to feel as if I was suspended on a gel that snug perfectly to every nook and cranny of my body surface.

It is all thanks to Origin Hybrid’s Micro Precision Springs that adapts instantly to my body weight with the ideal ratio between parts which sink into the mattress and the parts above it. No more would you suffer from body aches, and you will definitely avoid having your spine bent beyond repair which may occur upon years of sleeping on a poor-quality bed.

Want to be kinder to your body? Origin’s the answer.

3. Guaranteed Durability

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Origin mattresses are made from the unique combination of memory foam, pocket springs and purely natural latex that just makes it a lot more long-lasting than your typical mattresses.

Comparing Origin’s mattress durability to one we are most used to would be like comparing carbon in diamond form to carbon in pencil form. The former is just guaranteed to outlast the other for a much longer time. I have been keeping my Origin mattress for over a year now, and it still looks and functions as it did when I first unboxed it.

Not only that, while most of the other mattress brands offer up to 10 years of warranty, Origin offers 5 years more. That is well over a decade and I predict I would still be using it after I marry and have kids.

4. Uncontestable Hygiene Quality

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There is always that one concern one may have to varying degrees when keeping a mattress, especially during summer or when it’s in a tropical climate that invites those unwelcome entities like bed bugs, lice and fungi. They create the sort of stench that keeps you awake at night, and may shock you one morning when you discover yourself in the mirror with some red patches from the nasty bites of mites.

That’s where Origin could be your ideal choice. Origin mattresses are anti-parasitic, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic – that is, it won’t swarm you with any allergic symptoms.

You can now say good-bye forever to any allergies from bed materials and at the very least, your mattress won’t bug you anymore.

If it already sounds amazing, you can get your Origin mattress here.

5. Minimal Disturbance

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You are enjoying your REM(Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, and are about to venture deeper into your favourite dream where you are finally getting a confession from your crush, or on the brink of handing in your resignation letter to your unfavourable boss because you got hired by an even bigger corporation. But you suddenly feel shaky all of a sudden, the ground crumbles to ashes, you find yourself falling through dark empty space, and you wake up. It appears that your sleep was rudely interrupted by your partner getting the bed shaky with them getting out of bed.

I don’t know about you, but getting interrupted in my sweet dream just because of light external disturbances on my bed is just flat out unpleasant. It can even prime your precious morning experience for a stressful day ahead just because of that one unnecessarily disturbed sleep.

Well, Origin’s special memory foam is capable of absorbing waves of disturbance as it isolates your sleeping space from common sources of interruptions – probably when your medium-sized dog heaps onto the side of your bed, just for an instance.

6. Professionally Verified

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If there is one thing that can convince me in the surest way, it is evidence backed by professionals. Origin mattresses are made in Germany with materials of the highest quality such as their unique memory foam and pure latex that just aren’t present in other mattress brands. The kinetic adjustments have been approved by German sleep experts, through Origin’s orthopedic team making sure that the mattress is of ideal firmness and functionality.

Well it could be that it is just all words, until you actually try for yourself and experience what quality feels like.

7. Massive Customer-Oriented Benefits

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Everyone loves free services. It just feels great to see a brand care genuinely about their customers, enough to offer free delivery, free returns and 120 nights of trial.

And that’s exactly what Origin offers.

I was pleasantly surprised to be offered so many user benefits. Free of charge in delivery and getting to return it back after a few days of trial without having to re-assemble it yourself for a full refund just sounds too good to be true, except that it is true.

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The above has been the 7 ultimate reasons why you should choose Origin based on my personal experience and insight. In today’s hectic environment that can easily sap you of energy which you need for your daily grind, Origin can restore it for you. Sleep, to me, is just as important as my work which is critically linked to the success of my ambitions. Don’t let your mattress ruin it for you. Trust me, it is that important.

To experience Origin Mattress for yourself and get one like the above, you can visit their website at

7 Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Choose Origin Mattress | Stay At Home Mum
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