8 Reasons Solid Timber Furniture is the Best Choice for Kids

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8 Reasons Solid Timber Furniture is the Best Choice for Kids

Solid timber furniture is the only furniture kids can’t break…

I had a solid timber bunk bed for my boys when they were little. That bunk bed was fantastic, it was solid timber, sturdy and a BITCH to move, but you know what, it stood up to all my boys could dish out – and that bunk bed survived to go on to another child’s bedroom.

Gone are the days where we shopped around and chose the cheapest bed we could find for our children and just purchased that. We as a society are now realising that cheap furniture won’t last, it isn’t safe and doesn’t end up good value for money. And as parents, we need to get value. That’s why solid timber is the perfect investment.

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You Don’t Need to Sell Your Kidney

But if you think you will have to sell a kidney to purchase solid timber furniture – you’d be wrong! We have found an amazing stockist of beautiful timber furniture that is exceptionally well priced and ships their solid timber beds all over Australia. They are Australian owned, manufacturer direct (which is how they keep their prices down) and have over 1,000 5-star reviews. They are B2C Furniture.

But here are our 8 reasons solid timber furniture is the best choice for kids.

1. Solid Timber is Sturdy

The number one question on Google when it comes to bunk beds is ‘Do Bunk Beds Collapse?’. Easy answer. Yes. If the bed is not constructed properly or made from inferior materials, bunk beds have been known to collapse. Luckily it is rare (and a fun fact is that the top bunk is made slightly larger now so that it just gets stuck, it can’t actually fall on a child).

But little kids are rough on their furniture. Bunk beds are great space-wise in bedrooms but don’t be mistaken, your little Johnny will jump from the top bunk (or be pushed off by his sister). Solid timber won’t stop the odd black eye or broken arm when kids fall off it, but it will stop you from worrying that the bed will fall over or collapse (and the bed will be just fine!).

2. Solid Timber Furniture will Last!

Solid timber beds are tough, nothing you can throw at them will damage them. And if you look at buying a solid timber bed in a neutral colour, it will last your next boy or girl or other.

And if you have a spare room, a solid timber triple bunk like the one pictured below is a great option for a guest room. Except perhaps they will stay at your house longer than expected….

3. Timber is an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Material

A solid timber bed doesn’t contain any junk material such as plastics or chipboard. Solid timber is just that. Solid. And timber is eco-friendly and sustainable. When choosing a solid timber bed for your child look for a hardwood bed. So much stronger than pine (heavier too).

4. Fast Furniture is SHIT

You know it’s true. Don’t buy crap. Buy value – not low grade. You want a bed that is solid, sturdy, well made and will last. You don’t want to buy furniture that will end up at the tip in a year or two.

5. Timber Furniture is Timeless

Got an ultra-modern home? Timber looks great. Got a vintage old Queenslander or Victorian-style home? Timber looks great. The best thing about timber furniture is that it never dates and looks good in any type of home. And if you do want to change the look of solid timber furniture, you can just paint it a new colour.

6. Solid Timber Furniture is Affordable

Most people are put off from even looking at solid timber furniture because they presume it will cost a lot. But really, it doesn’t! Especially when you purchase it directly from a manufacturer who doesn’t have to carry the cost of a middle-man.

Some of the beautiful solid timber beds from B2C Furniture start from just $389 – for solid timber!

7. If Bunk Beds Scare You, Get a Trundle Bed Instead

Not every parent is sold on bunk beds. They probably slept in one as a child and were thrown off the top of one by a sibling and are still scarred. That’s okay. There are other options. I love the thought of a trundle bed like this one pictured below. It’s minimalist – close the ground and so easily folds away under the bed. You can hide a body under that bed!

8. Kids Wreck Everything, But They Won’t Wreck These

All parents know you can’t have nice things when you have children. They destroy everything. What use are they really? But kids won’t be able to destroy solid timber furniture. They can try – and they will fail. Sure, they might be able to try and eat timber and if this furniture was made out of pine (which it isn’t) – they might be able to leave teeth marks – but hardwood… that shit is hard as metal.

When it comes to kids rooms, you want safe. You want it to look good and feel good and perhaps, be saleable after the kids have grown out of them. The only product that will give you all of that is solid timber.

Where to Go and See B2C Furniture in Real Life:

Melbourne: B2C Furniture has a showroom at 94 Frankston, Dandenong Road.

Sydney: See the B2C Furniture Showroom at 494 Gardeners Road, Alexandria

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