How to Clean Your Doona

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With winter drawing to a close it’s nearly that favourite time of year again: Spring Cleaning!

One big job you may be wondering how to tackle is cleaning your doonas, blankets and pillow tops.

Whether you store them away for the summer or keep them on the bed year-round, you will need to wash them a couple of times a year.

Here is our comprehensive guide to cleaning doonas of every type.

How to Clean a Feather or Down Doona

If you are lucky enough to own a 8kg or 10kg washing machine, putting your Doona in on a gentle cycle with wool wash is an easy way to get them clean. Once the machine is finished, give it a good ‘shake’ to ensure the down doesn’t ‘clump’, and hang in the sunshine until dry.

If you don’t have a large machine, the best method for cleaning a feather doona is to pop it in the bathtub and cover it in warm water, about body temperature, and add a couple of squirts of shampoo, soap flakes or mild laundry detergent. This will remove the oils, skin cells and dust mites that have build up over the winter months.

Gently stamp the water and soap into the doona. Drain the bath and stamp the doona again to remove excess liquid. Refill the bath, again with warm water, to rinse.

Repeat rinse if required and gently roll to remove excess water before removing from bath. Dry in the sun by hanging on the line in a U shape, using as many pegs as needed to secure.

Once dry, shake doona to evenly distribute feathers. If it fits in your dryer, a quick run on the warm cycle will help to fluff the feathers again.

How to Clean a Polyester Doona

Polyester is durable, and washes well in warm water. Your doona may be too big to wash in your home machine, so consider a trip to the local Laundromat as a one off, as their machines are usually industrial size.

Always check the label before cleaning in case there are any special instructions. If it does indicate ‘dry clean only’ do not risk it, it will only get destroyed in the machine. Dry in the sun or your dryer, if large enough.

How to Clean a Wool Doona

Wool doonas are the type of bed cover you can royally stuff up washing at home. Although a gentle cold water wool cycle may do the trick, the cost will not blow you away to have it dry cleaned professionally. Often wool blankets will benefit from a day of airing in the sun hung out on the line, a great way to keep it clean between dry cleans.

Alternatively, you can look at a Doona Cleaning service such as Laundry Point that will get your doona beautiful and fresh!

How to Clean a Cotton Doona

Cotton doonas will clean up a treat in the washing machine and can be hung out the dry on the line. If you put cotton in the dryer, you may turn your queen bed doona into one suitable for the dog’s bed so beware. Again, the laundromat may be a cost-effective alternative to having large items dry cleaned.

How to Clean a Silk Blanket

Oh don’t even go there take it to the cleaners!

There’s nothing better than lying in a freshly washed and made bed. Even if you’re not storing them away, take the next sunny day to thoroughly clean your bedding and enjoy a fabulous night sleep free from dead skin and dust mites!

Which type of bed linen do you prefer? How do you clean your doona? Do you have any cleaning tips?

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