How to Clean a HighchairReset and Relax Cleaning Tips

Highchairs are messy things.

If you want to know how to clean a highchair to keep it clean, hygienic and ‘muck free’ in between are fabulous cleaning tips you can reset your home in no time at all and relax with a cuppa. There’s even a cuppa to be had half way through this job!

Step 1:  Use a damp cloth to remove as much food solids and liquids as you can.

No need for any cleaning products just yet, we are removing any crumbs, puddles of milk and obvious pieces of food. Don’t go overboard or scrub – that’s too much like hard work!  This is the nice and easy way of doing it!

via Chella's Common Cents
via Chella’s Common Cents

Step 2:  Spray the whole chair with All Purpose Cleaner

Grab your favourite spray cleaner (or make your own it’s easy) and give the whole chair a really good spray.

Pay particular attention to the tray and anywhere your babies hands go!giphy

Step 3: Go and Make Yourself a Cuppa

Let the detergent to its thing! Give yourself 5 or even 10 minutes to have a relax. The detergent will soften any hardened food, will break down any oils and will do the ‘scrubbing’ work for you.


Step 4:  Grab the White Vinegar

Dampen a wipe or a cloth and apply a bit of white vinegar then wipe over the whole chair, removing the detergent and the mess! The vinegar will neutralise any odours and will remove any last trace of detergent making it safe for baby!

Oops! My Straps are Grotty….

Having food encrusted highchair straps is never nice, for your or your baby!  But they are easy to clean.

Grab a bucket of warm water and add a tablespoon of normal washing up detergent (Morning Fresh or the like). Dip a clothinto the bucket then gently run the cloth over the top. If they are seriously grotty and food encrusted – try soaking them in the bucket – it won’t hurt them!

via Happy Hill Homestead

But..My Highchair Seat is Gross..

Most highchair seats these days are totally machine washable – check with the instructions first though!

Always wash on a very gentle cycle and hang out right away – out of the sunlight. Otherwise you can wipe them over with hot soapy water and give them a good scrub. Never use a scourer or steel wool on the material – it is too harsh and will deteriorate the plastics.

Do you have any tips on how to clean a highchair? How do you do it?

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