28 Life Hacks That Actually WORK

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28 Life Hacks That Actually WORK

We’ve all seen the multitude of hacks on the internet and thought “Oh, that looks fantastic. I should try that!” But who actually ever tries them?

And how often do they actually work?

Well, I have compiled a list of 28 life hacks that I have tried and used. SO YES, they actually work.

1. Using flour for burns

How many times have we all given ourselves minor burns in the kitchen? Well next time you do, put the burn in some flour for 15 minutes. Not only does the flour draw out the heat and help with the pain, but if done quick enough, it can actually decrease the severity of the burn i.e. scars, blisters

Buttermilk Biscuits 17 flour hands | Stay at Home

2. Wetting your finger to remove egg shell

Isn’t it annoying when you break an egg into a bowl, only for a bit of the shell to end up falling in? Well, if you run your finger under the tap for a second and place your wet finger into the bowl over the eggshell, you will be able to get it with ease.

hitrost 7 1533924668721 | Stay at Home

3. Using paper towel to cool your drink

Ever gone to get a drink from the fridge only to realise that there are no cold ones? Well if you wrap a wet piece of paper towel around it and pop it in the freezer for 10 minutes you will have an ice cold drink.

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4. Avoid hangovers

The main reason we get hangovers is due to dehydration. Next time you are having a few drinks make sure to have a glass of water between each drink and you’ll wake up the next morning no worse for wear.

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5. Separating eggs

A quick and easy way to separate eggs is by using a water bottle. Simply place the open end of an empty water bottle over the egg yolk and give it a quick squeeze. The suction from the water bottle will suck the yolk straight into the bottle.

th | Stay at Home

6. Use spaghetti to light candles

We all have candles that are so hard to light without burning your finger. Next time light up a piece of spaghetti and use it to light the candle. No more burnt fingers!

54c221b6ccf71.image | Stay at Home

7. Ease your headache

The next time you have a headache, use the ancient art of pressure points and pinch the area between your thumb and forefinger for 30 seconds. This will help to ease your headache for you to continue on with your day.

005aad42e54440939594 | Stay at Home

8. Fall asleep easier

Next time your having a run of nights where you are having difficulty sleeping, try taking a shower 90 minutes before you go to bed. This will help your body to relax and make it easier to fall asleep.

sleep fast | Stay at Home

9. Ease a brain freeze

The next time you drink that icy cold drink to quickly so the kids don’t see it, place your tongue on the roof of mouth to ease the brain freeze.

aid202319 v4 728px Cure Brainfreeze Step 1 Version 2 | Stay at Home

10. Put a stop to that nasty cough

We all know that when kids are sick and coughing all night, no one gets any sleep. So the next time your kiddos have a cough, put a good amount of Vicks on the bottoms of their feet and cover with socks. Now you will all get a better night sleep.

Vicks baby socks cold | Stay at Home

11. No more finger slammed in doors

With little ones curious about how things work, there will sometime be accidents with fingers getting slammed in doors. To stop this from happening, cut up a pool noodle and cut a slit in it to put it over the door. No more sore fingers!

IMG 0435 | Stay at Home

12. Getting shoes on the right feet

Kids can be fiercely independent and will try to do a lot of things themselves. If you’ve got a little one who insists on putting their own shoes on, try cutting a sticker in half and putting one half in each shoe. The next time your little one goes to put their shoes on ask them to put the shoes together to make the picture. No more shoes on the wrong feet!

shoe | Stay at Home

13. Blockout the light

Kids can be hard to get to sleep sometimes, and trying to get them to sleep in a light room can make that even harder. If you have a child who struggles to sleep while its light, put some foil on their windows. Cheap and easy block out option.

aid3205592 v4 728px Make Your Room Pitch Black During the Day Step 2 Version 3 | Stay at Home

14. Cool your house down quickly

House too hot? Can’t go to sleep? The next time you struggle to get to sleep because the house is too hot and the fan is doing nothing, try place the fan in front of an open window. It will draw in the cool outside air and help to cool the room down.

96e08532dd5c | Stay at Home

15. Cool your car down quickly

We all know how uncomfortable it is to get into a car that is stinking hot. Next time, Wind all your windows down and blast the air conditioner for a few minutes. This will help to get rid of all the hot air that was trapped inside your car.

AC Pro Cool Down Car Quickly Hot Air Out | Stay at Home

16. Protect your privacy

The next time you cross something out that you don’t want read, write random letters over the top. Makes it impossible for someone to work out what was originally written.

a7981efc2a15314497effcebfcf8acaf | Stay at Home

17. Ironing shirts with buttons

The next time you have to iron a shirt with buttons, instead of trying to iron around the buttons, turn the shirt inside out and iron over the back of the buttons. Quick and easy

| Stay at Home

18. Wrinkle free without the iron

Your running late for work, but oh no you haven’t ironed your shirt and its covered in wrinkles! Don’t stress, simply put your shirt in the dryer with a couple of ice cubes and switch it on. You’ll have a wrinkle free shirt in no time.

2868 | Stay at Home

19. Waterproof shoes

Most of us have a pair of canvas shoes that always leave our feet wet in the rain. Stop this by waterproofing them. All you need to do is rub a wax candle all over the shoes and then run your hairdryer over them to melt the wax. Once dry you’ll have yourself a pair of waterproof shoes!

Shower Door | Stay at Home

20. Clean your shower screen with ease

The next time you need to clean your shower screen, grab yourself a hard bristle brush and scrub that screen. You’ll be surprised by how much soap scum you’ll remove and all with very minimal effort.

how to remove stickers sticker residue from macbook laptop youtube removing adhesive labels from metal | Stay at Home

21. Remove sticky residue

Have a new fridge, dishwasher, washing machine? Get that annoying sticker residue off with some WD40. It will cut through the stickiness in no time at all.

auto foggyheadlights 0114 DownPage | Stay at Home

22. Clear headlights

Are your headlights all cloudy? the next time you wash your car, spray some aero guard on the headlights and give them a scrub. You’ll have nice clear headlights in no time and without coughing up money for unnecessary cleaning products.

batterytest1 | Stay at Home

23. Check for flat batteries

Changing the batteries in a child’s toy only to find out that the battery you put in is flat! Next time drop the battery from a little height, if it bounces once and falls it’s good to go, if it bounces a few times before falling over its flat and you should dispose of it.

toilet paper wrap a clever way to keep your wrapping paper from unraveling cut a toilet paper roll use it as a stopper toilet paper wrapping game toilet paper wrapping house | Stay at Home

24. Stop wrapping paper from unravelling

It’s your child’s birthday and you need to wrap their gift, you go to get the paper and its all unravelled and creased! Stop this from happening by cutting a slit in a paper towel roll and slipping it around your wrapping paper. No more creases and tears.

giphy | Stay at Home

25. Never second guess if you locked the front door again

The next time you leave the house for work, trip, grocery shopping, do something out of the ordinary, like spinning in a circle, when you lock the door and you’ll never second guess yourself again.

traveltipnew e1406949955365 | Stay at Home

26. Avoid spills while travelling

You’ve arrived at your holiday destination only to find that your shampoo has spilled everywhere. Avoid the hassle by unscrewing the lid, placing cling wrap over the opening and screwing the lid back on.

Hacks | Stay at Home

27. Never mark your clothes again

Need to pack your shoes but worried they will mark your clothes. Place them in the complimentary shower cap before putting them in your bag. No more marks!

l6chuyvz0ud11 | Stay at Home

28. Escape the airport faster

The next time you travel, tie a brightly coloured ribbon to your case. When you get to baggage claim, you will be able to quickly identify and grab your bag. It will also help to stop other passengers from mistaking it for their bag.

Do you have more proven and tested life hacks to share?

28 Life Hacks That Actually WORK

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