5 Stylish Ways to Add Colour Into Your Space

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5 Stylish Ways to Add Colour Into Your Space

The best aesthetics always have a story to tell; and it’s the small things that can sometimes take a space from safely chic to completely memorable.

If you are looking to add finishing touches, colour play can effortlessly bring a sense of adventure and depth to the composition of your interiors.

From a vibrant accent couch, to beautiful cushion covers and decor finishes; dipping a room in deliciously inviting hues and giving it an exciting boost instantly set the mood and tone for the rest of your home. Below, we share ideas on ways to stylishly revamp your space into one that will brighten your spirit.

5 Stylish Ways to Add Colour in Your Home | Stay at Home Mum

Add excitement with bright and bold seating

Finding an element that transforms your home décor is a great way to create a space that inspires you to want to stay in and linger longer. Selecting a perfect sofa for your home is a great investment “” not only does it anchor the living room, it’s a fantastic piece to introduce colour and personality. Switch from the “safe” neutral and opt for an eye-catching design either in a bold solid colour, or one with visually interesting graphic patterns. To get it right, decide on a colour or print that excites you, and makes you happy to live with each single day.

Deep blue sofa fills the living room with cheer | Stay at Home

Throw a few cushions around

Walking into a room and being confronted by beautiful cushion covers can be both delightful and intriguing. From the living room to the bedroom and beyond, cosy cushions are a stunning way to add artistry to your interior scheme. Vibrant solids, florals and geometric patterns that mix energising hues are effortlessly chic and strongly in vogue.

They are also great accessories to add to a neutral canvas both for comfort and just the right splash of colour. Consider floor cushions like these for extra texture, depth and sophisticated flair. You can choose those in solid colours, chosen from fabric you’re using in the room, or look for ones with an interesting pattern that tie into the theme of your space.

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Inject personality with floor coverings

Accent rugs are a brilliant finish in any interior aesthetic “” they lighten up a room’s décor and infuse colour and personality to the scheme of things. Persian rugs, for example, can bring undeniable charm and character while giving off an eclectic jolt. Not only are they comfortable under-foot, they make a huge visual impact as long as you choose the right size.. Use one that ties the lounge or bedroom colour scheme for a truly cohesive look.

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Art is always a good idea

A striking piece of art placed in a living room is a chance to infuse colour and give your space an instant wow-factor. There are interesting ways to display art in your home without it looking tacky. A room dominated by a neutral palette can act as a perfect backdrop for an art piece that incorporates few bold colours. The artwork adds a punch and takes centre stage without detracting from the rest of the room’s decorative elements. Alternatively, if you have a gallery of art displayed in your home, painting the backdrop in a vibrant shade; think statement blues, tonal reds and energising oranges will make the colours in your art vividly pop.

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Bring the outdoors in

Plants and floors are increasingly being seen as a way to boost up a room’s overall ambience “” they dress the space with colour and give it a deep characteristic fragrance. Colourful foliage such as Red Aglaonema, Fittonia, and Croton can bloom throughout the season and transition beautifully from the garden into the house. Use equally stunning decorative vases and unique planters to add to the room’s personality.

Do you have more DIY interior designing tips?

5 Stylish Ways to Add Colour Into Your Space | Stay at Home

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