10 Food Safety Myths You Thought Were TrueAre You Keeping Your Family Safe From Food-Borne Illness?

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There are a lot of facts around food safety, and then there are a lot of… conceptions.

Well it turns out that many of those ‘conceptions’ are actually misconceptions, and instead of being concrete facts are just rumours and hearsay pretending to be the real deal. Let us help you differentiate by showing you once and for all what’s true, and what’s not.

10. Defrosted Meat Cannot Be Refrozen

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It’s a pretty common ‘fact’ according to most people that once you have defrosted meat, it can’t be refrozen. That means if you don’t use it, you need to throw it out, turning it into yet more food waste. The good news is this is totally wrong.

Fact: Meat that has been defrosted in the fridge, like beef or chicken, can absolutely be refrozen again to be used at a later date. The meat might not be as juicy, making it better for casseroles or slow-cooked meals, but it’s still good to go!

9. Meat Should Be Washed Before Cooking

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For some reason, a lot of people think that it’s necessary to wash meat, in particular chicken, before cooking and using it. This is definitely wrong.

Fact: It’s a really bad idea to wash both meat and poultry in the cooking process, as splashing water from washing may spread potentially problematic bacteria around your kitchen, or on other foods that won’t be cooked. You should always wash fruits and vegetables, but only in a space that has not been contaminated with raw meats.

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