Where to Buy Wholesale Essential Oils

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Where to Buy Wholesale Essential Oils

With more and more people concerned about the contents of the cleaning products they use and want to keep their homes as natural as they can, came the rise of the essential oil industry.

Personally, I’ve always loved using essential oils. In fact, I put it in almost everything inside my house! From cleaning, getting rid of pests, keeping my home smelling fresh and even in cooking, essential oils never fail to impress me. But where do I buy Wholesale Essential Oils that don’t cost a fortune?

And so, if you plan on getting into the essential oil business, I, along with hundreds who want to start a toxin-free life, will be here to support you.

But before anything else, you may want to make your own essential oils first so you can have a product to call your own, right? So, we’ve got here a list of the different essential oil suppliers from Australia and other parts of the world where you can source your essential oils, so you’ll be on your way to starting your own essential oil business.  If you wish to be included on our list – please contact us!

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Where to Buy Wholesale Essential Oils in Australia

1. Eco Modern Essentials

Eco Modern Essentials are a Gold Coast Based wholesale essential oils company that specialises in 100% pure oils and blends.  They are Australian Certified Organic, GMP Compliant and are also audited regularly to maintain those high standards. Use the coupon code below for a great saving. We think Weco Modern Essentials is the best supplier for wholesale essential oils!

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2. ABP

For almost three decades in operation, ABP has a comprehensive list of essential oils that you might need. They have:

You can contact them through T +61 (3) 9709 4800 or by filling up a form on their website.

3. Amrita Aromatherapy

  • Based in the US (But ship worldwide)
  • Member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy

Based in the United States (but ships worldwide), Amrita Aromatherapy is a USDA Certified Organic wholesaler of essential oils.  They are a family-owned manufacturer and specialise in oils of the very highest quality.

Amrita Aromatherapy offers wholesale essential oils provided you have a business tax ID (or ABN Number).  You do need to purchase a minimum of US$100 worth of products to get the wholesale rate.

If you want to check out their quality before placing a bulk order – they have sample packs available.


Wholesale Essential Oils | Essential Oil Sample PackAn Essential Oil Sampler Pack from Amrita Aromatherapy

4. Aussie Soap Supplies

Aussie Soap Supplies has been going on for 25 years and still growing. Their love for everything natural is what kept them going. The prices for their wholesale essential oils range from $8.50 to $50.00 per 50ml. They also have some essential oil blends with prices ranging from $9.50 to $12.00 per 10ml.

You can contact them at (08) 9337 6446 or 0427 500 388.

Or through their mailing address:

PO Box 165

5. Australian Wholesale Oils

They offer free shipping Australia wide for orders over $200. The prices of their wholesale essential oils range from $7.70 to $36.30 per 15ml. You can also inquire through their website and fill up an online form.

Tell them Stay at Home Mum sent you!

6. Buckley & Phillips Aromatics

Buckley & Phillips Aromatics is Australia’s Oldest Aromatherapy Company, having been in business since 1972. They take pride in being 100% Australian owned and founded. Their expert and specialised knowledge built over almost five decades ensure that all products perform to an exceptionally high standard.

Buckley & Phillips Aromatics are certified through Australian Made and Owned, Choose Cruelty Free (CCF), PETA, Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and RSPO.

For wholesale access please feel free to register online here, with a low wholesale minimum order of $150.

7. Bulk Apothecary

You can go shop for wholesale essential oils including pure therapeutic grade oils, standardised and commercial grade oils, certified organic oils, essential oil blends, essential oil kits, dilutions and diffusers.

8. Eco Aroma

They offer free shipping on orders above $20. Their collection of essential oil blends have a price range of $15.00 to $76.00. They also have pure essential oils with prices ranging from $10.00 to $81.00.

You can contact them by filling in an online form or emailing them at [email protected]

9. Enviro Chemicals

Enviro Chemicals sell bulk products made with essential oils.  Some of their best products include:


10. Essence of Wellbeing

They have flat rate postage of $15.00 for any online order within Australia. They have a unique selection of pure essential oils, essential oil blends, essential oil packs, among others. You can contact them through Telephone: 03 5975 7686

11. Essentially Australia

The prices of their essential oils range from $9.90 to $69.95 per 12ml. Their edible essential oils have prices ranging from $9.90 to $329.50 per 12ml.

12. Living Vitality Australia

They have a wide array of doTERRA essential oils that’s both food grade and CPTG tested. So, if you want to sign up for a wholesale doTERRA account? Click here to ‘Join $ Save’ or contact them for further information.

13. Naked Press Essential Oils

Their essential oils have prices ranging from $16.50 to $27.00 per 12ml. You can also email an enquiry form found at their website.

14. New Directions Australia

Their collection of essential oils cost from $3.30 to $165.00 per 6ml. You can contact them through TOLL FREE: 1800 637 697 or email them at [email protected] or

15. NHR Organic Essential Oils

They offer FREE NHR Organic Cotton Bag worth £12 ($21.70) with orders above £50 ($90). You can also receive a FREE 10ml sample of one of their products when you place an order and recommend a friend, by sending them their email address.

The prices of their organic essential oils, absolutes, and blends range from $15.48 to $438.18 per 10ml.

16. Oils for Life Australia

Their doTERRA essential oils cost from $17.30 to $199.95 per 15ml.

You can contact them by completing their online form at their website.

17. Organic Infusions

They offer 15% off plus free shipping on orders over $250 and free 4oz organic Argan oil with $50 order

Free Starter Essential Kits plus free shipping with $300

18. Perfect Potion

They offer free shipping on orders above $50. Their essential oil prices range from $8.95 to $102.95

They have different branches all over Australia. You can check one nearest you in this list.

19. Sydney Essential Oil Co

Their collection of essential oils have prices ranging from $8.80 to $337.70 You can contact them through 02 9565 2828

20. The Spiritual Toolbox

They have a $6 Flat Rate Australian Postage and they deliver worldwide. You can view their essential oils and blends here.

21. Young Living

Check out their list of essential oils here.

For orders, you can call: 1300 28 9536 (1300 AU YLEO) or mail to:


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